Wordless {not really} Wednesday - School Photos

School photos are taking place. If you have kids, you know the pressure of trying to make them look amazing without going too crazy worrying about if they will mess up their hair, have food on their face, or spill something on their clothes before pictures are taken.

Picture day for my daughter was last week. We decided not to buy school photos this year and I would just take my own. I love photographing my children. It's really fun with my daughter since she is at the age where she listens and understands poses and angles.

So trying to get the best shot, it turned out to be the very first shot I took of her and it turned out so lovely. I feel like Tyra on America's Next Top Model saying all of that LOL. The first shot was the winning shot of the day.

I do not have a fancy camera {though I would LOVE one} but I don't. I am not a photographer but I have an eye for taking photos. All in all, I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Here is her school photos for the 2013-2014 first grade school year.

Isn't she just lovely? My little girl is growing up so fast into a beautiful doll right before my eyes. I can't believe she is about to be seven years old soon. The time has gone by way too fast and it just won't slow down.

How did your child's school photos go? I always thought picture day was such a fun day :)


  1. This picture is so gorgeous! A beautiful little girl!

  2. So pretty! And it turned out better than actual school photos :))

  3. Beautiful!! Definitely a keeper!

  4. Oh she is too sweet! What a great picture!
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  5. She's so adorable! She's becoming a beautiful young lady, must be so wonderful to see.

  6. Wow, just beautiful! And way better than any school photo would have turned out!

  7. She is gorgeous!! I ordered the $20 school pic packet, which is only like 3 photos!! I took my own, though, because I knew I could capture her personality...and entire outfit! A girl's gotta have priorities! lol

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