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Seven Months Pregnant

So today is the seventh month mark {or week 28} in this crazy journey. That means there are only 12 weeks left {or less} until this small little baby boy or girl is here. With my history of having children, it will be less. Both my other two have been early. So we shall see! I still would love to deliver on my due date because I am in love with the date that is scheduled. But babies go on their own schedule and I am sure we will be seeing he or she much sooner.

LOL forgive the dirty bathroom mirror photo. I need to clean it. I swear I just did...but you know, a woman's housework is never done even when it is. So anyway, the belly is getting larger as you can tell. However, I am pretty lucky that I am still able to wear almost all of my pregnancy shirts, but I can only wear maternity pants.
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So if you saw yesterday on Facebook, I posted that I had some good, some bad, and some kind of shocking news to report from my office visit with the baby doctor. This is the "bad" news part. I have gained way too much weight. The doctor is not happy with me at all right now. He says I've excessively gained far too much weight this early in the pregnancy and I need to slow down and watch it. I should only be at about 8 pounds total weight gain for seven months. And I am at 15 pounds.
I'm pretty ashamed I let myself gain this much weight. I admitted that this past month, I have been a really bad eater. Craving so much bad stuff and not controlling it like I am used to being able to. I am only supposed to gain 5 more pounds total for the rest of the pregnancy and I know that will be over since the baby is growing fast too.
When I told my husband I have gained 15 pounds total, he was shocked too. He kept telling me that I need to stop eating myself into a coma and start having self control again like I always have. I feel so ashamed by my actions and allowing myself to get this much weight put on right now. I need a good baby boot camp to get back to a healthy weight gain again.

I'm pretty bummed that I am no longer going to have a baby shower for this baby. It kind of breaks my heart because I feel like every baby deserves to be celebrated but when you have no one willing to come and join you, there isn't a point to having one, is there? I wanted to have a gender reveal with balloons and find out the baby's sex that way. But since we are no longer going to be doing anything, we decided that we will just wait and have a beautiful surprise in the delivery room when we are announced what our bundle of joy will end up being.
So it is official. We are waiting until the birth to find out and that is that. Until then, we still have not talked or even thought about names yet. I have a weird thing with names. I don't like choosing a name before the baby is about to arrive. About one week prior is when I am comfortable talking about names. Anything before that kind of freaks me out. I like just calling it "The Baby". I've been this way with all my pregnancies too. Even though I let my husband pick our son's name, I tried until the end to convince him to change it. I decided on my daughter's name a few days before she was born. That is what we will do with this one as well.

That is right. We finally hit the mark where I now see the doctor every two weeks instead of every month. Hopefully they go better than my appointment I had yesterday where I got the pressure for the weight thing. But I am excited that the appointments are going to be going more frequent now because it's getting more and more real that there will be another baby in the house. And it also scares me at the same time as well.

Overall, my appointment went well. As for the "Good" I had mentioned blood pressure is still amazing! They are very happy and pleased with that. So far, I have never had any signs of my blood pressure being high or abnormal. So I am happy to hear I've done something right.
The baby was moving around so much, it was hard for the nurse to even keep the heart beat steady. But that's good. That means the baby is doing what it should be doing. It's heart rate was 161 bpm which is the fastest it has ever been at an appointment. The lowest it's been was 130 bpm.
As for the "kind of shocking" part.....well, it's shocking to me because this has never happened before. I am measuring two weeks behind as far as measuring my uterus with the measuring tape. That means I seem to be around 26 weeks instead of 28. However, they have decided not to change my due date and keep me still at a 28 week schedule because that is what the last ultrasound I had measured. But I was very shocked to hear I may be not as far along as I had been thinking.
Never have I had them tell me ever that I wasn't measuring to the day before. But it is what it is and so at least I don't have to step backwards. I can keep going with what we have been on a schedule for.

I did have something really scary happen to me over the weekend that I had to bring up the concern to my doctor about. This past weekend was my daughter's birthday. And so I was preparing everything and setting up decorations...and I'm sure some of you are already thinking what I am about to say.
I was stupid and thought I could do it all on my own. So I climbed up onto the couch and stood on the arm trying to hang balloons pretty high up onto the wall. I somehow slipped and fell onto the glass table below having everything come down on me and also all over the floor. I did not break the table, thank goodness. But I did land on my back and side. The table stabbed me in the ribs causing a very large and painful bruise as well as some on my legs.

I thought for sure I would be going to the emergency room. Luckily, the pain went away and I could feel the baby moving around. But it was very scary. I will not be doing that anymore. I thought the worst for a moment. The doctor assured me that since I had no symptoms or harm, there was no need to do an ultrasound anything. But yes, I will be more careful next time.

Also, this week was my glucose test. I stated last month that it wasn't as bad as everyone has made it out to be. In the past, it didn't seem to be so bad. Yesterday, it seemed bad. The drink is yucky. Man, was it yucky. I drank it all in less than one minute and felt so sick afterwards. I felt like puking so bad. Then I started to get scared and freaked out over the blood drawn thing cause I hate needles and I hate pain. I was really glad the lady who did it this time was quick and hardly felt it. Unlike last time, it was soooo painful.

They said I should know my test results Monday but I have no worries. I have never had an issue passing this test and even the doc said there is only a 15% chance of it coming back abnormal so don't even worry about it. And so I'm not.

I am glad it is out of the way and done with. Yuck! Blah! Gag!

My next appointment is in two weeks {30 week mark} and honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I am going to assume it's going to be one where you just go in and come out within a minute. Just to check the baby's heart beat and see if I have any concerns. I believe then I will start the process of really discussing my birth plan even though I have several times...I think now is the time to get it in solid concrete.

So I guess that is all for now folks! Getting a step closer each day to the end of this craziness we call the miracle of life! I'm just a bit anxious to know what this baby will be...but not too anxious :)

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