Loved & Trashed

I'm a girly girl. I love dressing up, putting on makeup, doing my hair, wearing the biggest heels I can find. But for a long time, I haven't been able to really do that anymore with life taking over as a mom. It's harder and harder to be able to "glam" up and go out. In fact, the husband and I haven't really gone out or been on a date alone since our daughter was born seven years ago. I really miss going out to movies, dinner, and all that. The last time we had a date, I was 24 years old. I'm crossing my fingers by the time I am 40, I can say we have been out on a date least once!

But that got me thinking about all the makeup I own and love and the cute clothes that I can't fit into right now {big ol' pregnant belly doesn't allow that anymore}. And I have never really thought about my perfume collection. I'm actually not a huge perfume person. However, I have a huge collection of perfume and lots of them still in the boxes that haven't even been touched yet. I guess because I haven't had a reason to wear them, I just don't. I think the last time I put on perfume really was for my wedding.

But going through the bottles today {which are all still full or almost full}, it got me thinking about which ones I really want to keep and which ones that I can't stand and want gone for good.

Here are my top choices of the good and the bad that I own:

I have always loved Britney Spears "Curious". I think it's one of the only bottles I have that is below the halfway mark because I used to wear it all the time out. It's just one of those scents I really love.
The one that is my very least favorite is Baby Phat "Seductive Goddess". To me, it is horrible. I hate the smell and have attempted a few times to try and like it. But it doesn't work. I am sure a lot of people like it. I'm am just not one of them.

I think I need some new scents to try. What are your favorite perfumes and your least favorite? I'm curious to know what scents everyone is loving & trashing!

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  1. Ahhh! I have an obsession with perfume that I have to keep constant control of or else I'd buy too much and never finish them! I also love Britney's Curious and her Fantasy is good too. The other one I've been wearing lately is Outspoken by Fergie (AVON) and... kinda ashamed to say but Justin Bieber's perfumes are really good, too.

  2. I LOVE that brittany spears fragrance. Thanks for sharing the Joneses Blog, it is so cute!

  3. That Baby Phat one sounds awful, shame you don't like the Kimora Lee Simmons one too!

  4. OMG I love that Brittany Spears scent!! I totally forgot all about it lol