Learning To Crochet

Last weekend my good friend Julie came by to teach me how to crochet. I have been wanting to learn since college and never got the chance to. I attempted to teach myself but that was a bust {this was before YouTube as well}. So I never tried again and needed to have someone sit in front of me to help.

So she was sweet enough to come by and help out. This was a life saver. I finally was learning how to do this. And so we started off doing the simple stuff. My main goal is to know how to make those amazingly adorable baby hats you see. I have bought some and love them for my kids. I want to make my own now.

So I attempted to watch a YouTube video on making a hat for beginners. I have to say, I didn't get far, but impressed myself with what I did until I got highly frustrated and gave up. I guess I need to start making something simple first before moving onto hats.

If you know of any great tutorial videos or websites for crocheting, please pass them along. I would love to discover new ones.

So here are some of the projects I have started. My daughter hoped on this and so she has been making things as well with me. We have been having fun doing this together.

I decided to try and do a scarf. I started with the purple yarn and a 9.00MM hook. But because the yarn is so soft and thin, it felt like it was taking forever to get anywhere. Plus, I started making it the length I wanted and then working toward the width.

So then I stopped and decided to try with the mint green yarn instead. This time I used a 5.50MM hook. I used this for the first several rows and decided to switch to the 9.00MM hook instead. So for the past three rows, this is what I have been using to create a larger stitch. And this time I decided to switch it and get the width I wanted and now working toward the length.

My daughter {who is six} decided to make a necklace at first. She is learning to do chains. She is really good at the chain. She is fast and they look really well done. She is now learning how to do the next row of stitching which is more complicated for her but she is slowly getting there. I'm trying to help. With me being a beginner too, I wish I had more answers and easy solutions. So she ended up with a headband and it fits my head!

So the best part is I have been wearing it this weekend around the house to clean and keep the hair out of my face and I must say, it's nice and tight and really has done the trick. I think I have a little prodigy on my hands LOL.

My daughter wanted me to video her teaching how to crochet. She's so excited about learning this LOL. So I did and I'm going to share it with you. Mind you, she is six and so this is not exactly how I would go about it, but it's her way and it works for her :0) Enjoy

I am not sure why the volume on it is so low. But you can kind of hear if you turn it up. We did this on a Saturday morning when we woke up so her hair is a bit messy from the night before.
Also, I don't think the format is viewable on a mobile device. I know in the past I couldn't get it to work but it works on computers when viewed. So if you are on a mobile device and can't see it, that is why.

I would love some fun and easy projects that you know of or any sites that you love about crocheting. Sadly, it's starting to consume me LOL...but I don't think that's a bad thing. I'm only 31 years old and I spent my Saturday night sitting in a chair crocheting....ummm....yea LOL no comment!!!

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  1. I've tried and tried and tried. Then failed and failed and failed lol


  2. I love crochet! It's really hard to learn, but once you get it, it's not too bad. I made scarves and scarves... and more scarves for a long time until I started making blankets, which is basically just a really really big scarf :) Good luck! You can do it.

  3. My mother-in-law asked me if I want to learn how to crochet...she's made really nice blankets. I think I'll give it a try!

  4. I love the video Rebecca. I can tell that I'd be terrible at crocheting so I'm going to give it a miss but I have faith that you're going to get great at it!