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Hello! My name is Lisa and I'm the writer and mama at The Joneses Blog. I am loving being featured as an in-post sponsor on XOXORebecca this month since it means I might be able to get to know more of y'all and you can get to know more about my little family of four. Over at The Joneses Blog, I write about our diverse experiences as a family, which range from my struggle with postpartum depression, my husband's journey as a disabled veteran, our two baby boys under two years old along with my Five Dollar Dinner series and Episcopalian Bloggers linkup.

 But today I wanted to tell (and show) y'all our oldest baby boy, Owen. Owen LOVES to dance. He always has, even when he was not yet born but kicking during a marching tune. He loves any kind of music that has a good beat to jam, but I noticed that there are certain songs that he really loves to get down. I started compiling these songs into a playlist on my iPod; once I reached nine songs, I introduced him to his playlist. (He already knows that his daddy has a playlist, which is just all of the music on my iPod that is NOT country music.)

So now, every morning around seven thirty, my eighteen-month-old hands me my iPod and speaker with only the word "on" repeated over and over.

Here's a video of Owen showing off his moves during Get Lucky. You'll notice that Owen insists that we stand up and dance with him.

In order to watch the video, you will have to just click on "Watch On YouTube". 
Does your family enjoy music like we do? Please share in the comments. 

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  1. I love the playlist on here Lisa, so good, great guest post.