And Then She Turned Seven - xoxo Rebecca

And Then She Turned Seven

That is right. My baby girl is no longer a baby anymore. This past Saturday {10.19}, my daughter turned seven years old. The time has gone by so fast. The years have swept by me and I can never get those back. Looking at photos of her, it's hard to even imagine her being so young, so little, so fragile.

I wish I had the photos of her from every year. Those are somewhere in a box on a cd that I still have to find from moving. Once I do, I want to compare her transition from year to year. She has changed so much and yet, still looks the same in some aspects.

So happy birthday to my beautiful little girl! Even though I may seem like I'm always getting on to you, always mad, always grouchy...I still love you with every piece of me. And you will forever be my baby girl.

I still remember every detail of my pregnancy with her, every detail of her birth, every detail of our first days together. I never knew I could love someone so much until I met her.

So this year we threw her a birthday party with a theme called "Candy Shoppe". It was fun to plan for and to put together. Though it was stressful. I was running around til the last second getting everything done. I felt like a mess :)

But it turned out very nice and the people who came to celebrate, I think we all enjoyed it and had a great time. Here are some photos from her party. I wish I would have gotten a photo of the front door and the entry way but I forgot to take those. It's ok though. It was cute ..... take my word for it :)

 I turned the kitchen bar into a candy shoppe display. We had a candy bar where the guests could scoop up candy into bags to take home with them. Rainbow cupcakes with gumballs on top

Different colored balloons were hung all over the walls with other candy decorations that were bought and also handmade

 We decorated sugar cookies with different candies and sprinkles

 Instead of a pinata, my husband made a punch box where the kids took turns punching through the different colors to see what prize they found inside and got to keep it.
Then it was time for presents. She received so many wonderful gifts and loves them all. It was a very fun day for everyone!

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