What's In Your Child's Lunch? - xoxo Rebecca

What's In Your Child's Lunch?

Since it's back to school time, everywhere I have been seeing has talks about what kids bring for lunch. I see so many ideas on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.... and so I decided to share what my daughter brings for her lunch everyday to school.

So I'm sharing my daughter's lunch that I packed this morning {and actually every morning for that matter}. Here is what she eats:

Everything we choose to eat and give our children is all organic and non-GMO verified. I'm sure most of you know this about myself and family if you are my friend on my personal Facebook page. I post all the time about eating healthy.

Most people have heard about the dangers of eating GMO {which is found in over 6000 brands that people buy and use everyday}. Basically how we shop is that if you see the product advertised on tv, we don't go anywhere near it. Almost everything sold in a regular grocery store is full of GMOs.

If you want to know more about what exactly a GMO food is, click HERE

We shop at a local grocery store that is completely GMO-free. That way we ensure that everything we buy is safe. Sadly, a misconception is that Whole Foods sells all non-GMO but they recently gave in and are now selling unhealthy products and have promised to start labeling them by 2018. We ditched shopping at Whole Foods altogether and now found a better store to shop in.

Here's how we know what produce to buy. If you have ever noticed on fruits, they have a sticker on them with a number. Those numbers are codes for how the food was grown. We only buy fruits with the number starting with a 9. That means it has been grown organically and GMO-free.

If you want to know what the codes on your fruit mean, this helpful page is simple and easy to tell. Click HERE to view it.

Anyway, so what goes into my daughter's lunch box every day is the following:

Penta Water {Penta is amazing water if you haven't tried it yourself. They have filtered out all arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, lead, MTBE, and pesticides. It is considered the most purest bottled water on the market. And you really taste it too. We absolutely love this stuff.

Annie's Bunny Grahams {These remind me of the little bear crackers I ate as a kid. They are really good in all the flavors they offer and contain all great ingredients. My daughter and husband go crazy for these as a snack}

Organic Oranges {We only buy organic produce and she loves the oranges. I put one in her lunch box each day. They taste amazing and always ripe and sweet. Never bitter or dried out.}

Applegate Natural Chicken Nuggets {My daughter loves these. They are all organic and are not raised or injected with the harmful pesticides or fillers that most brands use in their meat. Just happily raised chickens}

Organic Ketchup {She always has to dip her nuggets in ketchup. So I fill a small container with the organic stuff. Almost all ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup and we just don't allow her to consume that. But the organic ketchup contains tomatoes so that's what we like}

So that's all. That's what she eats everyday at school. Does your family live a GMO-free lifestyle as well? I love connecting with others who do. It's great to compare what's out there.