Happy Friday

It's Friday Friday Friday! But not just any Friday....it's Friday the 13th!!!

I love Friday the 13th. It's such a fun day only cause so many people start freaking out about it. I love just being able to share all the Jason photos. And so Friday wouldn't be complete without the official Friday song. Hit it Rebecca Black!

Quite possibly one of the most annoying songs known to mankind.

So here's to a wonderful and fun-filled Friday the 13th.........
So let's kick it off with High Five For Friday & Five On Friday
Natalya scored a 100% on her first spelling test! How rad is that? I'm so proud of my little girl.
Natalya finally got the pair of shoes she's been wanting for months now. She had to model them and begged me to take photos of her new shoes. Silly girl!
Natalya and I made cookies together the other day. She helped with everything making them and added the kisses herself.
Natalya drew this Turkey hand drawing for her baby brother. She always says when she grows up she wants to be a turkey artist. She actually draws turkeys really well. She loves doing them because she says her brother is a turnkey since his birthday is near Thanksgiving. This time, she wanted to use her hand to create the turkey. As you can see, he was excited about it!
We went into the Halloween store in the mall last week and Natalya thought she found the perfect costume for her dad to wear. A Ninja Turtle!
And now linking up with:
1. My little guy turned ten months old this week and he is now trying to walk, stand up unsupported, drinking from a sippy cup, and transitioned to a toddler bed all in one week. He's been a busy body.

2. My daughter is doing very well in school and the teacher praises her. She is excelling in first grade Algebra and loves being there with her class everyday.

3. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant today. I'm glad I'm a bit through halfway. Things are going good with it. Baby seems healthy and I am finally really starting to show now.

4. Today has felt like the first day of fall. I haven't experienced a fall season in thirteen years. Living in Florida, you really don't get much seasonal change. But now that we are up in the Midwest, the seasons are changing and it feels like old times again. A crisp breeze in the air yet it's sunny out really set the fall mood.
5. I'm starting to get things unpacked and a bit organized around here. Even though it doesn't feel like it, things are getting done slowly but surly.
1. Even though my little guy has a new big boy bed....he's still not sleeping. I'm having issues with him and sleeping. Since he was five months old, he has only slept four hours out of a twenty-four hour period and it's killing me. It makes for such an exhausting day after day after day. I don't' know how to get him to sleep or why he won't...but he just won't. Nothing has worked and I've done everything.

2. Having the husband working overnights sucks. It's hard to get anything accomplished during the day because we have to be quiet. So nothing seems to feel it can get done. And then on his days off, he sleeps all day because he was up the night before. Leaving him not being able to ever help out with the kids at all. Or allowing me any help to get some sleep.

3. Being pregnant means I'm at the point where the blahs come in. Feeling like I can't breathe after walking only halfway up the stairs, always feeling hungry, getting leg cramps...the joys {or not so joys} of pregnancy the third time around.

4. Never having enough money for everything I want! :)

Dear Baby Reg:
Why don't you ever sleep? Everyone else tells me how their babies sleep through the night or only wake up once or twice. Why can't you little one? Mommy is so tired and cranky all the time. I wear you out all day long, I feed you til your tummy is nice and full and you get a bottle whenever you like....so why do you still constantly wake up crying all night long? Please start sleeping little baby boy.

Dear Natalya:
How I can't believe you are going to be seven years old in just one month's time. Seems like the time has pasted by so fast, I don't even remember you being little anymore. You're growing up into such a beautiful and wonderful person. I wish I felt like I was a better mommy to you throughout the years. I'm doing the best I can.

Dear Wallet:
Why don't you ever have enough money in there for all the craft projects i want to buy and do? I'm a very crafty person and I need to feed that! So maybe you can start letting me be more crafty, ok?

Dear Landlord:
I really wish you would have seriously put in new carpet for us when we moved in. It's becoming a pain in the ass with this old carpet. I can't tell you enough how much I bitch and complain that it should have been replaced.

Dear Mall:
How come you are really lame now? When I was in high school, you had all the cool stores and it was the best place to hang out. Now all your stores are dull and dumb and boring and I seems like no one sells cool stuff anymore. What happened?

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  1. haha :) Your posts are so much fun Rebecca! You crack me up, girl!

  2. I love the Friday the 13th photos, fortunately I wasn't murdered and survived it haha! I have to admit plans were made to go to a local temporary theme park last week and we were a little put off by it being the 13th haha, awesome post.

  3. This was quite an interesting post. I love the Friday the 13th photos.It's always a good thing when our kids do well in school. Thanks for linking up on the Relaxing Sunday Blog Hop.