DIY Chalkboard Calendar Tutorial - xoxo Rebecca

DIY Chalkboard Calendar Tutorial

I'm really excited to bring you a project I just finished this weekend that I couldn't wait to make. Since it was my first time doing this, there are some things I know now from doing it that I may try to go back and fix. But as a first attempt, I think it turned out pretty decent. And it was fun!

Here are the tools I used for my project:

First I took my canvas board and painted it with two coats of acrylic paint of any choice. I chose just some cheap paint that was under $1 in a nice turquoise color.

After I let the paint dry for an hour or two, I then masked off around the border with my masking tape.

After that, I used my t-square ruler to start measuring and marking my days of the week on the calender.
This started to become a bit frustrating so I decided to just eye it when I went to placing the masking tape on. I had to adjust a few squares as I went along. They aren't all completely perfect, but they were really close enough.

I left a space along the top to fill in the month and year. Then I had added 28 spaces {that was pretty much all the space allowed for. I'll just have to cut spaces in half for longer months}

 Next, I used my chalkboard paint and a wide paint brush to cover the canvas board completely. On my paint, the instructions were to do one coat, let dry for an hour and then apply a second coat which needed to then sit for 24 hours before chalking. I noticed my paint had a bit of a sheen to it. It wasn't matte like some other chalkboard paint I have seen before. But it's ok. It still does it's job.

Once the paint had set for the allowed time, it said to prime the paint with chalk. So I took my chalk and laid it on it's side and rubbed it all over the board. After that, I used a paper towel to swirl it around.

After the chalk was nice and smeared, I then was excited to begin the tape removal process. This was somewhat of a pain because the masking tape was just tearing and not coming off as "user friendly" as it should have. I blame it on the age. I've had this tape since college, so it can't be blamed it was a bit difficult to come off in one piece.

Once all the tape had been removed, I took my picture hanger thing-a-ma-bob-gig and some super glue and turned over the canvas and glued the hanger to the top back center of the canvas. Let it dry for a few mins and then I was ready to go with decorating my calendar.

And this was the finished product hanging on the wall. I printed out on the computer the days of the week in a chalkboard font and glued them to the board under the month and year space. Then I filled in the dates and the month. *Note-it is not fun, easy or amusing to use your child's huge sidewalk chalk to do this part. I was so frustrated beyond compare. I didn't have smaller chalk, so this was what I had to work with. it was a pain, trust me. Once I find the smaller chalk, I will redo the numbers and be able to add more events tot he calender. But can't you see the sheen on it? I couldn't get a better photo with the light. But it's good enough. You get the point.