16 Weeks In

We are officially at four months {sixteen weeks} in today. Baby seems to be doing good. The heart beat at ever appointment seems to be between 145-151. A lot of the pregnancy symptoms are still kicking my butt. Not very fun at all. But they have let up since the beginning and I can't wait til they are pretty much not there anymore. So with just five more months to go, I'm hoping to start feeling like a rockstar soon!

How Far Along: 16 weeks, which makes that four months now

How Big is Baby: The size of an avocado

Weight Gain: I have actually yet to gain any weight. I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight. I still don't have much of a baby bump at all right now as you can tell from the photo above.

Maternity Clothes: I've never gotten out of wearing maternity clothes since I just had a baby not too long after getting pregnant with this one 

Sleep: Not at all. About 3-4 hours a night. And that is because I have an eight month old who doesn't sleep at all.

Food Cravings: Nothing. Only when I'm hungry, then I want everything

Food Aversions: Too much. I don't like smells of food at all.

Symptoms: Vomiting, nausea, being tired, cramping, migraines, and lots of bitchy PMS

Movement: Nope, but according to my last ultrasound, they said the baby is moving around a lot. But I never felt my son move until after I was 30 weeks. So I'm not expecting to feel any movement any time soon.

Gender: Not finding out. I am thinking of either having a gender reveal party near December, or not finding out at all. I have no desire to know the sex of the baby.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting moved into our new place. We sign the lease today and get the keys.

What I Miss: Feeling not sick and being able to eat or drink whatever I want.

Next Appt: Not til the end of August at my 20 weeks appointment. They are doing another ultrasound which I love seeing the baby on screen.


  1. You look great! You're brave for not wanting to find out the gender! I just know I am going to want to know as soon as they can tell me, at least with our first!


  2. I had no idea you were expecting again! Congrats!! =)

  3. Aww Rebecca, I really hope that you manage to get some better sleep over the next while since this is still the earlier stages of your pregnancy, great to hear that things are going swimmingly though, so exciting that you guys are saving the gender reveal until the birth itself, I guess since you guys already have a beautiful girl and boy together it'll be fun to see what sex the next baby is at the time!

  4. So exciting! I'm still reeling from having mine 4 months ago! it is tough. This whole lack of sleep thing...ugh. Good luck mama!

  5. Glad all is well with you and baby. And yay for you all getting your own place!! Hopefully, with less stress over everything that has gone down since you all were at your parents will help take some of the stress off your body and you can feel better.

  6. Wow, I can not imagine being pregnant AND up all night with an 8 month old! I dunno how you do it. Stay strong, it'll all be worth it!!