When Phones Become Rude

A few days ago, I decided to get out of the house and go take the kids to hang out with a friend. I thought the kids could play together and I could have some fun "girl-talk"time that wasn't over the internet. And I have to ask one question.....why are people so obsessed with their phones?

Seriously, we sat talking for about six hours while the kids played and all I felt like through the entire time the hours were going by was like this:

Yes, like I was just sitting there while my friend just couldn't pull away from her phone. I was trying to make conversation while fighting a battle with her phone. Every second the text ring would buzz and she just texted her friends non-stop while I was trying to have a real conversation. I was starting to wonder what was the point of the invite for me to come over if I wasn't even being acknowledged. 

I tried to just ignore it and keep smiling and bringing up topics to talk about. But nothing pulled her away from her phone. I finally asked her if she was texting her husband. She laughed and said no. It was just a friend she just felt like texting. I just don't get it.

It's just pretty much down right....

Wouldn't you agree? I mean, really... who does that? Who has to be that attached to their phone that they can't just hang out with a friend without interuption from texting non-stop about nothing important? Maybe it's just me..but I would never do that to someone who was over trying to hang out with me...unless of course there was an emergency and I needed to be texting non-stop.

I doubt anything I tried to talk about even registered in her head. Her hand and mind was wrapped all around her phone to even care I think. I found myself starting to just ignore it and turn to the kids and watch them play while I let her sit quietly texting a mile a minute. I could have sat at home and did nothing if that was the case.

I am sure I could have sat there and started having a conversation about how:

And I'm sure she still would have sat there and nodded her head and said, "uh huh"....so what about you? Have you ever experienced a rude friend who can't pull away from their phone to just hang out or talk for a little bit? I guess cause I'm not attached to my phone...half the time I don't even know where it is for days or don't even bother to have it turned on...I guess I don't understand the concept...

All I ask is that if we are hanging out, just hang out with me...not your phone.


  1. I have to be honest.. I'm guilty of constantly texting. It's one addiction. But! If I'm with a friend and I *have* to text someone back, I always apologise and explain why I'm texting, then proceed to cut my texting-conversation short. It is rude, so I hear you.

  2. I agree, it bugs me when people can't unplug from their phones. I am definitely guilty of relying on my phone for entertainment more than I should, but I do try not to pay attention to it when I am with someone else. It's just common courtesy I think.


  3. it bugs me too! I try and not text when I am with friends.

  4. That is totally rude. I put my phone away when I have someone over or when I'm talking to someone in person for any reason.

  5. I don't ever have such long text conversations! when I hang out with my good friend, there are times when she has to deal with one of her kids or something in her house and I will pull out my phone, but not when we're actually talking to each other!

  6. I have a friend who makes everyone put their phones in a corner on the table whenever we go out, and whoever picks up the phone first (barring predetermined emergency situations) has to pick up everybody's tab! If no one does, then we split the bill evenly. I think it's an awesome way to make sure everyone connects and enjoys the moment instead of sitting around the table ignoring the moment in favor of social media/other people who aren't present. I agree - it's so rude, but some of us don't even notice we're doing it until it's pointed out!

  7. This post is perfect!!!! Ahh you're amazing! (hope this friend reads this post 'wink wink') I've shared it on my shout out post, you made it again, hehe!


  8. I'm with you on this Rebecca, honestly I think it's becoming a bit of a problem, society is being too engrossed in mobile phone use and it causes issues. I know that I use my phone to tweet and text a lot but I rarely ever, quite frankly next to never use it in company, it's just rude like you say.

  9. Hi,sorry you went through that scare with your baby. My heart dropped in the beginning of that post. I am glad everything worked out. Also I agree it is rude to be on the phone texting when you are supposed to be visiting with a friend. With that said, I am blogging too much and I know it. I need to find balance. I like commenting and giving others feedback though. It takes so much time though. Enjoyed catching up with your blog today.

  10. Dude she sounds like a pretty crappy friend. That is rude. My best friend Kelly does it but I have grown used to it. It's sad. My fiance and I have a rule; at night time when we have our "us" time which usually involves one of our favorite shows and/or we are out to eat: NO PHONES. More people need this!!! Sorry about your date with your friend. that stinks. Saw you on the link up!


  11. I agree. I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with her phone. It drives me crazy.