A Big Annoucement

So, for a while now I have wanted to post this, but have been waiting on a number of things to do so. I couldn't wait any longer and so I am sharing with all of you ♥

So isn't this exciting? We found out when I was almost five weeks along back in May. It came as a complete shock at first. Like a really big shock.

Now that we are in the second trimester, everything is going better. The first trimester was horrible. I was nauseous non-stop all day and night. I was super exhausted and barely could even think or move.

However, even though these symptoms have gotten a bit better, I noticed since I hit the twelve week mark, I'm throwing up a lot. At least twice a day...mostly in the mornings. Hopefully that goes away soon.

So we are at 14.5 weeks now. See the little bump? Not much of one yet. I've lost one pound since I last weighed myself when I turned 14 weeks. The weight has been coming and going on and off.

My due date is set for January 17th. It's funny because that was the original date I set for our wedding but had to be pushed back one week because the venue was booked. Now I'm really hoping baby comes on that day.

We are not making any announcement of it on Facebook so if you are friends with me on my personal page, I ask that you not mention anything publicly. On my blog page, that's fine. We have decided to wait a while longer before saying anything on there.

My next appointment is the end of August. That will be my 20 week ultrasound as well. I have decided not to find out the sex of the baby again like I did last time. I am still up in the air with whether I want to completely wait and have it be a surprise in the delivery room with this one, or do another gender reveal party like we did before. That was a lot of fun. So I'm not sure yet. But I still have time to decide what I want to do.

So anyway, that is it. So you'll have to hear again about my pregnancy updates and complaints about being a hot air balloon for the next few months (✿◠‿◠)

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  1. Yay!!!! Congrats!!! So exciting!!!

  2. congrats. yayee. so happy for you girl.


  3. This news is just absolutely amazing and so unexpected! I remembered that there was a huge gap between your first baby and your son so I assumed you guys would have a big gap again but I couldn't be more thrilled with the news right now! It was amazing and so fun to join you on the first pregnancy so this is just thrilling. Really hope it goes well for you Rebecca, can't wait to hear all your updates, you looked stunningly beautiful all the way through your last pregnancy right until the end so I don't think you've got to worry about that side of things! This is amazing!

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I love the idea of not finding out the gender until delivery, but I don't think I could handle it!

  5. Way to go! Big congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! Yay for your whole family!

  7. Congratulations Rebecca. I hope you enjoy every single moment.

  8. YOU.....!!!!! I wanted to call you a name, lol! Congrats, so exciting!!!!

  9. Congratulations! Morning sickness sucks :(

  10. super super congratulations!! Wow! Go you, you fertile thing! I loved hearing your news so much that I put you in my shout out post.


  11. Congrats! That's awesome :) I hope everything goes well during your pregnancy!

  12. Woo hoo! Congratulations with your pregnancy. I hope you and your little one have an uneventfully smooth & beautiful time getting to know one another these next few months, Rebecca.

    Such a blessing a new baby is.
    I just had my first baby (a girl) 3 months ago!
    I found you on the mommy brain mixer link up. Following you & hope to see you on my blog darling!
    Wishing you the best with your pregnancy.



  14. Congratulations! Sorry you've been so sick, though! Hang in there!

  15. Congrats on your baby news, Rebecca! You and Chrissy at the same time! That's so cool! Blog hop babies!

  16. Congratulations!!! Babies are such a blessing. I had morning sickness really back with my first. The second time around I was able to hold food down a lot better but had issues with my blood pressure and sugar. Not sure what to except when we try for number 3.

  17. Congrats! Such happy news! Hopefully you will feeling better soon. I'm impressed with your patience, I couldn't wait to find out the gender but love the idea of gender reveal party.

  18. Ohh yay!!! Congrats girl!!! :)

  19. Wow! Such fantastic news! Congrats! I hope you are feeling better soon. I am visiting with I Love My Post Blog Hop.


  20. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and your family!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo