A Fishing Trip To Remember

So, yesterday and today, we decided to get out and do some fishing! How exciting. And yesterday, turned out to be a fishing experience we will never forget. We went out and got our daughter a pole, a Barbie tackle box, and all the fishing goodies you need. 

We went to one of the parks here that have a fishing pond. It was exciting to see if we could catch anything out there. Since we never fished as a family before and this was our daughter's second time fishing.

We were out there casting away for a couple of hours, just walking around, switching spots to see if anything would bite. We were about to leave and our daughter begged my husband to try one more time to catch something  So I said I didn't care and just do it one more time, though I didn't have any expectation anything would bite.

So he cast out the line and after a little bit, started to reel it in. The line got snagged and so I told Natalya to go over across the walk a bit to not get hurt if anything should snap. My husband pulled and pulled and the line flew out from the bank and it got caught on him.

I was thinking it was on his shirt...he looked up at me and it's hanging right from his nose. A four inch lure dangling from the inside nostril. He started pulling it and I started to freak out. He told me to pull it. I was like hell no LOL...seriously though, I said that.

So after about 30 mins of him trying to get it out, and a crowd around us, I decided to just go against him and call 911. The ambulance came and funny thing is, they couldn't help us. They said they didn't have anything on them to help anyone with an injury.....

Uhhhh.....yea, I'm thinking than WTF would you have done if there had been a gun shot wound? I'm still trying to figure out why they even bothered to send an ambulance and they weren't even equip with anything useful. They told us to just drive to the hospital.

So my friend who was there, let us follow her as she took us the the care clinic. After about two hours, the hook was out of his nose and everyone was happy again. I said, "I'm sure you just want to head back home." He said, "Nope, I'm getting my money's worth out of the fishing license and going back out." 

And so we went back out. But still caught nothing.

So today we headed back there again and this time, he such better luck.....

Not only did we avoid and 911 calls or hospital visits  he ended up catching five blue gills. Here's a couple of photos from today:

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  1. LMAO! That's hilarious! My dad is an avid fisher and caught his forearm once, I went with him to the hospital and he had to tell the doctor how to get the hook out of his arm (push it through and clip off the barb) . It was awesome.

  2. Hahaha! Poor husband. And stubborn too! :)

  3. This story is amazing Rebecca, I can't believe that they sent out an ambulance and yet said there was nothing they could do, ridiculous how these things work. Much credit to your husband for going out and giving it another go haha, talk about gaining man points!

  4. i dont know if this post was suppose to be funny, but i was laughing because I would have been like "shit no!" lol but if it was my child i would have fainted.

    Your daughter is sooooo cute... now i wanna go fishing!

  5. SERIOUS? The ambulance couldn't do anything? I hope they don't bill you!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! I would have just passed right out, seeing that. Can't believe he wanted to go back out after that. That's determination! Lol.

  7. OMG. I remember going fishing with my dad when I was little - it was our dad and daughter dates. But NOTHING like that ever happened!! It is certainly going to be a family fishing trip your daughter remembers for a long time.

    Also wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog and wish I had more time to read/comment. But I am here and happily following along!