Where The Heck Have I Been?

Seriously, I have been a bit MIA and I haven't wanted to. Ever since our move to Missouri, things have not been all glitz and glamour. In fact, it has been far from that. Taking away from time to blog as well as a lot of things.
I've talked to so many people and when they say, "I could never live with my parents. I love them, but I couldn't move back in" .... I always felt a strange feeling. I would always say how lucky I felt that I could live back home with my parents with no problem.
Boy, how that hasn't been a piece of cake to say anymore.
I thought it may be a bit of a challenge trying to get us all into my parents house, but I never imagined it would be how it was. I figured there would be some arguments here and there but you know, it would be normal. No....
I don't know what has happened, but my dad has flipped out on us so many times. Even on our very first day here, he kicked us out of the house and told us to get the hell out. We have now been here almost four weeks and it's been happening at least once a week where we are kicked out with no where to go. Except a hotel with money we don't have.
I don't know why he keeps flipping his lid, but it has become so uncomfortable here, we are doing everything we can to get our own place and move out. I don't know why he brought us all the way from Florida for all the drama. We could have just stayed where we were. My mom promised me things would be so much easier if we moved up here....
It's been almost a pure nightmare. We are never in the house anymore except to put the kids to bed. We go driving around and go to the park and just stores just so we don't have to be home. It's so frustrating..
We've been having appointments everyday with different people looking at homes to rent, but so far, we haven't had any "official word" we were approved for anything. I hope so soon. We are looking at more tomorrow as well in the morning.
So that's the reason why I haven't really been around as much as I would like to. We just have been trying to avoid being here except when my parents are here. And I really do hate that my dad has been acting this way for some reason. My mom wants me to ignore it, but it's too hard. He just says the most meanest things to us and so why would we want to stay? There was even a point the first week we were here where we started to sell all our belongings just so we could get enough money to drive back to Florida. So as you can imagine, it's been pretty stressful.
The husband has been actively looking for jobs just so it will be easier to move out. We have enough money to get our own place, just still need someone to say, "hey, you were approved!" A few friends have been helping out trying to get him jobs where they work so that has been really sweet and helpful.
I'm so behind on emails, on getting back with people...and I really hate that sooo much. It wouldn't be this way if things were going a bit differently. And I hope things start to look up soon. Cause it's no fun.

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  1. Sweetie I can understand how you feel and you are going through... I hope Tomorrow will be Brighter for your family!! Be patiente, smile to your husband every morning and things will be fixed up soon! Looking forward to hear beter news from you.
    Many Kisses


  2. i hope everything gets better for you...i genuinely do.

  3. Take care of yourself first - we'll be here when you return! :) Best of luck with the job hunt, and I'm so sorry it's been so rough living with your family.

  4. What a frustrating thing you all are going through. Keep your chin up and I am hoping that something wonderful happens for you soon.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. I just don't understand this Rebecca. I mean as you can see from my blog in the last week I've had some terrible issues with my father too but I have no idea why they invited you and your entire family back up to their house just to kick you out once every week, once every week is just insane and it makes no sense at all, really hope that you guys find a place soon because it does not sound like a fun situation to be involved in at all, terrible Rebecca, keep us updated when things sort themselves up which I hope they do soon.

  6. yuck. that doesn't sound like a fun situation at ALL. I hope that you guys find a house soon and your hubby finds a job soon too.

  7. I hope everything gets resolved soon! Sounds really rough. :(

  8. I read this post and it sounds all too familiar. My hubby and I lived with his parents for 4 months to try and build a relationship with them. It was their idea. Our relationship just ended up being worse off than before. True colors were shown and my hunch of them being racists towards me because I'm not black was right... ugh, the experience was horrible!

    On a positive note, y'all will be fine. Be patient and God will bless y'all. I will definitely be praying for you.

    xo Lori

  9. I too hope that things get resolved quickly and you can settle into a new routine and life. Good luck with everything I will be praying for happy things for you

  10. Such a shame! I really hope that you can move out and salvage your relationship with your father! It must be tough not feeling like you have a safe, comfortable place to be at during the day.

  11. It made my heart hurt to read this. You've just gone through a massive change, and yet here you are, stuck in chaos, without a lifeline from the people who should always offer one. Sending you good vibes that it will get better sooner than later. **hugs**

  12. Sorry you are going through this, have you tried to just go for a walk with your dad just the 2 of you? maybe you can get to whats really bothering him, maybe he thought you would be more financially prepared to move out there and he feels you might be to reliant on the family. Its just a guess. it doesnt hurt to chat with him one on one. best of luck

  13. Living at home can be rough. Living with anyone can be rough. I am sorry there is so much tension. Hopefully the issue can be resolved soon. I would hate for you to be so stressed out!

  14. So sorry to hear that things aren't working the you thought they would livin at your parent's. I went through a similar situation and I did just have to leave. I ended up staying with another relative until my husband finally found us a new place. Hopefully, you all hear something soon and your husband gets a job offer. I'm praying for you guys!