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Mary, Mary How Does Your Garden Grow?

We finally did it! After years of talking about it, we finally started a garden. It wasn't because we just never in an apartment, well, it kind of makes it difficult to grow things. But now at my parents house, we have a huge yard that we can use for growing our own veggies and fruits.

We looked for a while and finally found some great non-GMO seeds to use and plant. We decided to buy a big variety of every seed we could find that we would enjoy. 

We planted them in the greenhouse with one of my brother's crops and let the waiting period begin!

We only planted what would fit in the greenhouse. Some crops needed over a few feet of space and so we are saving those for when we redo my dad's garden. We plan on having a pretty big chunk of the yard for our crops and so I'm really excited to see if these are going to grow right.

Our mini greenhouse

The pathway inside

The veggies we planted {marked easily by popsicle sticks}

We pulled out the weeds after I shot the photos

My brother's spearmint leaves and my mom's orange tree is starting to sprout
So we are really excited and can't wait to see these start to grow into real food. We bought about 20 different seeds. It is a great feeling to be able to grow your own food and keep away from the GMO crops. I'm sure I will be updating when they start looking like real food. Fingers crossed they start growing! My mom and brother have a head start on us!!!

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