Happy Mother's Day

Today is a day celebrated to so many women out there. And of course, that's because today is Mother's Day! So happy momma's day to all you wonderful mothers out there. Here's a card from me to you:


 And no Mother's Day would be complete without knowing what your child{ren} think of you. So I found out just what my daughter has to say about me:


I really love it when my mom plays with me {awww...that's so sweet}
My mom likes to wear dresses {yes I do!}
My mom always tells me don't play with glass {LOL I probably have before but I don't think I say this all the time}
The best thing she does is go on her computer {this kind of breaks my heart cause I do a lot with her. I was hoping she would say play games or color. I guess she sees me on the computer while she is playing but still, it's not the best thing I do}
It makes her happy when I behave {yes it does. We value discipline but everything she does makes me happy}
My mom loves to relax by laying down {yes, I love to be able to sleep when I can}
I like it when she makes cake {yes, we love to bake. Though I don't eat cake, we have fun mixing the ingredients and decorating stuff together}
The best thing she cooks is she doesn't like to cook {LOL this child knows me on this too well...it's amazing I even know where the kitchen is. I hate cooking. Baking is one thing, but cooking...nope can't and won't. That's the husband's job}
When my mom shops she likes to buy strawberries {yes, we are a big strawberry loving family}
My mom's favorite household chore is laundry {LOL uh no...but I guess I'm glad she didn't say cleaning the toilet}
My mom's favorite TV show is HouseSwap {hmmm...I don't even know what that is LOL....I'm kind of shocked since she hates when I say I have to watch either Kitchen Nightmares or Ghost Adventures  Those are my two fav shows right now}
If she could go on a trip, she would go to the beach {I could live on the sand next to the ocean waves and  be happy for the rest of my life. The beach is my favorite place to be}

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  1. How much fun is this! haha House Swap!

    1. :) Yea, her answer had me highly confused LOL

  2. This is too cute! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Rebecca!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Thank you. I hope you had a great one as well. Mine was ok. Nothing special but it wasn't bad. My mom did get me a gift and that was nice of her

  3. This post is so cute Rebecca, I really hope that you had a great day, after the year you've had nobody deserves it like you did, I hope you were spoiled like you deserve.

    1. Thank you :) I did get a giftcard from my mom which was nice of her. My husband forgot it was Mother's Day but that's ok. We didn't do anything special but it was still not a bad day at least

  4. love the some-ecard picture. while I'm not a mother, and don't have a husband… I can see saying this about my mother… haha

    great post!

    1. LOL I think someone in anyone's life can appreciate that :)