Day 19, Sunday

I decided today to try out a new challenge. Yes, I'm behind some weeks but this is a great little motivation, especially when you are a bit stumped on what to blog about.

Blog everyday in May challenge. Click the button above to see the days and subjects. 
Today is Sunday, May 19th 
So for today's subject it says:
Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

{It's seriously so hard to just pick five. But here it goes. Just from the top of my head}

Her & Nicole
Rekita has been a really amazing person. She is such a funny blogger {I crack up at her little jokes and funny sayings on her blog}. She is a really great person and friend too. I love everything she posts about. Especially now with all the baby stuff {she's pregnant} and it's so cute to read her updates. And I love her blogging tutorials as well!

Wonder Forest
Dana has a really awesome graphic design sense. I love her blog. She has so many cool things she is doing. She even just designed her very own blogging app called BlogGo. I love all the cute things she posts on her blog too. Very inspiring blogger!

Marcy seriously cracks me up with all her crazy crude sense of humor. And the hilarious animated photos she posts as well had me hooked three seconds into visiting her blog for the first time. She also is an inspiration, blogging about her amazing weight loss. Showing real women that it is possible with dedication to shed those pounds. I love that!

Growing Up Geeky
Melissa is a fav mommy blogger. She talks about life with two children and I love her Toddler Tuesday link ups. I love that her husband is a "mad scientist". It's not something you see everyday. She has some great posts all about kids and I find it fun to read her blog!

Raising Reagan
Lanaya is a super amazing person, blogger, and friend. She is the sweetest! Her blog has a fun "share your kids" link up as well and I try to get involved in that as much as possible. She is so caring and I love her blog. She blogs about her little girl. And she has so many cool posts of all topics that are fun!

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  1. This is actually a great idea for a blogging challenge Rebecca, you posting more is always welcome, best of luck with this.

  2. awww, Rebecca, thanks. i literally blushed!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us! I love discovering new blogs!!