Free Download: Bloglovin’ Buttons

Hey guys, so many of you are switching over from GFC to Bloglovin’. I am no stranger to that move as I just recently removed my GFC button and now using my other social media sites to reach all of you.

So I designed an image for anyone interested in putting up a new Bloglovin’ button to their page. Here are the designs:

You can click on the image above to download one of the buttons shown. Actual size of the button is the main image. They are all PNG format so if you have a background other than white, you should not have a problem with any fills showing.

You can use these images to link to your bloglovin’ page. But please, these are for personal use only. If you have any issues with them at all, please bring it to my attention so I can address the issues asap!

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy them!!

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  1. Thanks so much!!! This one is so much cooler than the cheesy ones bloglovin' offers. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Adorable and just what I was looking for.

  3. I cannot figure out how to download.

  4. Thank you - I'm using one of your little birds on my blog! Lovely design. :)


  5. Thanks for sharing! I've used one on a blog post. They're great!

    ~ Sophie

  6. I used your blue birdie as well, thanks! :)

  7. Just used it- so adorable and easy to apply! Thank you so much!

  8. thanks so much! I'm using it for my book blog!

  9. Thank you so much- I love this button on my blog-
    Have a good day!