Firmoo Sunglasses Review

I'm sure there are a few of you out there that has heard of the company Firmoo. They seem to have become quite popular in the last year. When they asked me to review a pair of glasses, I was really excited! However since I don't wear glasses, I was told that I could turn a pair of regular glasses into sunglasses. So that was pretty awesome.

Here is some information on the company:

It really was easy to place my order with them. They gave me such great customer service and not only that, they shipped the glasses pretty fast. I got to choose through a selection of glasses and these were the ones I chose. You can view them on their site HERE. I chose the shiny black {not matte} finish with a dark tint on the lenses. They really do keep the sun out of my eyes and are big frames so no sun peers in around my face while driving.

My Firmoo Sunglasses, carrying case, and lens cloth

Carrying case, protective sleeve, and tool kit with extra screws

What I enjoyed was that you get a lot of stuff with your glasses. I loved that you got the hard case as well as a fabric sleeve and especially the mini screwdriver and screws in case you need to fix them. The cleaning cloth is nice and big for the lenses. Makes cleaning them very easy and handy.

The glasses themselves are nice as well. They are plastic yet feel sturdy like any other type of sunglasses I have bought int he stores for much more. I already stated I love the tint on them.

Don't I look pretty fashionable? I wear these now everyday outside  Whether I am walking, driving, or getting a tan at the beach, I keep them in my purse at all times so I am never without them. They have replaced my other glasses and have become my new favorite.

Here's the fun part for you guys. Firmoo would like to give you a pair for free! Yes, you read that right. You get your own pair of free glasses. You only have to pay the shipping costs. Just click on the image below to find out how to score your own free pair.

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