I Never Saw It Coming

I have to tell you, today was one of those days that I feel should be a rewind. Oh my goodness...let me tell you. Today was the first day I was left by myself for a long time alone with just me and the baby. The husband was helping his friend move across town so it was just me and the little man home alone.

I have to admit, I loved the quiet and just the peacefulness of just the two of us. I've never had that before with just us. My daughter was at school. Even though the baby had his moments where he whined a lot, when he was quiet, it felt great! I kind of enjoyed having no interaction of any kind. Just peace.

However, that little boy has some lungs on him and is vocal when he wants to be. But it was getting around time to start getting things prepared to pick my daughter up from school. Here, if you are a parent that picks your child up from school, you have to arrive at least one hour prior to the end of the day and sit in line and wait.

I always go but by myself. The baby always stays home with my husband. But not today. Today was different and I was kind of scared. I didn't want to listen to an hour of him screaming in the car while we wait. Luckily, that wasn't the case, however, my luck would change and I wished all he did was just scream.

Let me take you back to before we left the house. I could already tell it was going to be one of those days as I went to go change his diaper and I was in a hurry for him not to pee all over me {which he has several times before} and I put the diaper on so fast, I ended up putting it on backwards. No, I didn't leave it like that and once I realized, I changed it back to the right way. I kept thinking at least this will be the worst of the day.....I was wrong.

So he started fussing so I decided to give him some food. I love feeding my baby, yet it can be hectic. He is a very messy eater. He's been eating solid foods for about two weeks now. And hasn't shown any sign of issues what so ever... not even from the first day. He ate three whole jars of food in one sitting today. He is a big eater. 

I was feeding him and he got so messy, I thought I could give him a quick bath and then we could head out to her school. I packed the diaper bag and thought to myself...I don't think I'll need another onesie, but I'll just put one in the bag just in case ......{boy, you don't know how lucky I was to have done this}

So as we sat there waiting at the school, the baby fell asleep which I thought would be nice for me to relax in the car. He woke up eventually and normally, he starts crying when he wakes up. I didn't hear a peep. I could see his feet moving and hear him rustling the blanket around. I was just waiting for the whining to start. It never did. I was pretty much in shock at this point.
My daughter came out of the school and got into the car. She then says, "Yuck, it smells like he pooped. Gross".... I never noticed seeing I had all the windows down and the wind was blowing pretty good. It was almost 80 degrees today but with the wind, it felt so nice outside, I loved the windows down while waiting.

I said ok, we will stop at the grocery store since I wanted to go there anyway. When we got out, I got his car-seat unlatched and that's when my daughter said, "what is all that green stuff?" I looked at it and was a bit confused. It looked like smashed peas on the base in the seat. I didn't know why or how it would be there. So I touched it and smelled it {yea, I already knew but had to make sure..I know what you are thinking...it was sick}.

Sure enough, it smelled like poop. How gross. I still couldn't figure out how poop leaked through the car seat and into the base. But I knew I had my hands full. So we went into the grocery store and straight for the bathroom. I took the baby out of the car seat carrier and I couldn't believe it.....

It was a case of "butt explosion"....oh my oh my...I had never seen anything like it before. It was coming down both sides of his legs and out of the diaper from every which way. This was the first time he had any type of poop explosion and the first time, between two kids, that it was so bad, it went through the carseart cover. I was like "damn damn damn" I just gave him a bath, just had everything all clean and now we had this poopy smell trailing behind us.

The episode was so bad, I took his onesie off of him and completely just threw it in the trash can in the bathroom there. I was so thankful I put an extra onesie in his diaper bag. The one I almost didn't put in there. It took us an entire thirty minutes in that freaking bathroom. I scrubbed him up with baby wipes forever. I think I went through my entire container. It was so gross. I also scrubbed out the car seat as best as possible, trying to get every cranny where the poop spilled out onto.

I never in my life had to go through this. I never saw this coming at all. It was definitely an experience to say the least. This was completely horrible. The funny thing is, when she said she thought he pooped I never would have guessed he actually did. This little guy, even if he pees a little, he cries. He HATES a dirty diaper. No matter what. So for him not to even make a peep....well, I just had no words. I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't be screaming his head off. I guess it felt that good to get it out LOL

But seriously, I never want another butt explosion ever again like that. Now we have to remove the cover from the carseat and wash it. I gave him a good bath when we got home and all I can think about was that nasty poop dripping from the seat into the base.... hahaha sorry for the graphic image. It's just been one of those days.

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