Four Months Old

Again, I am late posting this update. He turned four months old back on the 8th so this is more like his four and a half month old update. But that's alright. I still love watching my little guy grow throughout the days, weeks, and months.

Isn't he getting so big? He really is such a big boy now!

Four month old stats:

- Weight: 12 pounds {at birth he was 7 pounds 9 oz}
- Length: 26 inches {at birth he was 19.5 inches} 
- Drinks about 7 ounces every 3-4 hours
- Sleeps about 10 hours throughout the day and night
- Smiles all the time & laughs
- Lifts his head up high for over five minutes
- Loves being held
- Coos and laughs when you play with him and talk baby talk to him
- Loves bath time and stops crying when he gets in the water
- Calms down to the sound of running water
- Falls asleep when you rock him
- Will only allow you to carry him when his head on your shoulder
- Wears 0-3 month old clothing
- Size 2 diapers
- Cries when his diaper is dirty or when he is waking up
- Loves to grab and pull on your hair
- Rolls from tummy to back all the time now
- Seems like he is teething
- Loves being outside
- Started eating baby food
- Eats about three jars of baby food each sitting
- Loves pears, peas, prunes, sweet potatoes, apples, mangos, carrots
-Holds onto things
- Scoots around all the time. Especially in his bed

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