Top Five Baby Item Link-Up

Being a mother of two now {wow that just sounds crazy and actually  makes me feel old} I get a lot of questions about what baby items do I love and what I didn't like. I'm sure almost all the moms out there can relate to this question as well.

Even if you are a new mom or an experienced mom, I'm sure you still always wonder what people think of products they have used and if they would recommend them. I know I love to hear what works and what doesn't from other moms out there.

So I decided to start this link-up and thought it would be great to list your top five baby items that you can't live without. So if you would like to participate, go ahead and write up a post with your top five items and grab the button and link up. Then tell other moms about it as well.

Let Them Eat Cake

Here are my top five items in no particular order that I have loved so far with my children.

Evenflo Glass Bottles
This is like my love right now. I love glass bottles. Seriously, no other bottle compares to these. As simple as the design is, they are amazing. I have tried every bottle out there and these were the only ones that never leaked. Seriously, I will never look at plastic bottles ever again. We went with these at first because we don't use plastic cups even for ourselves. Everything is glass and so we wanted glass bottles for the baby. I honestly wasn't sure how well they would work because of how inexpensive they are. I figured if they are cheap, they won't be any good. I was so happy I was wrong. These are the best. And they warm up so much faster then plastic bottles too. Which saves tons of time.

As a mother to a baby who had to undergo a serious surgery at only two days old, the hospital recommended this bather to me for when we brought him home. Because he couldn't be submerged at all in the water and was only allowed sponge baths, this worked perfect for that. It's adjustable to lean or sit up and it has made bath time so much easier. He loves his bather and smiles and laughs the entire time he's getting washed up. And it's so easy to give him a bath in this.

I love this little piece of plastic. It attaches to the side of the changing table over the rails and you just fill it up with diapers and they are easily dispensed through the bottom. So easy to just get and grab one. The top section holds the baby wipe container and it has two removable caddies on either side to put small things such as powder, diaper ointment, nail cutters, hair brush, etc...I really love this and use it everyday.

Even though there was a recall with these {and honestly it was due to parental neglect} I love the Bumbo. People were putting their children on high surfaces and they were tipping over and having head injuries or putting them as bath seats in the tub and the slippery surface would cause them to tip over and drown. But if you use it how it's supposed to be used, its really a great item. I used to put my daughter in it on the floor while I took a shower and I knew she was safe and put and not out of my sight. I also believe believe she developed the impeccable posture she has now due to the Bumbo. It helps an infant sit up straight and keeps them in the seat. I just really loved ours we had with her and plan on buying another one for our son once he gets old enough for it.

When my daughter was a baby we bought her this and she loved it. She would jump and jump in this. It plays music and spins 360 degrees with toys all over it to play with. I think it really builds strong legs muscles as well though I have no idea if that's an actual fact. I noticed though she started walking earlier then other children her age so it could have been. But I just know I would like to get my son something similar if not this exact same one for him to bounce around in.

So that is my list of my top five baby items to recommend. There are so many more too I adore but these were the first five that stuck out in my head. So now it's your turn. Grab the button, write a post, link up below, and tweet and share the link up with friends.


  1. We had that Rainforest Jumperoo and it was fabulous! We passed it down to our son's younger cousin when he outgrew it, and he loved it too!

  2. These items are so awesome but in particular I like the Jumperoo at the end, these items are all so cute.

  3. Both my girls had a bumbo seat and it was the best thing EVAR!

  4. My cousin just gave me the jumperoo for my second baby. I can't wait to use it. This is a fun link up. Now I have to think of my top 5 baby items so I can do my own post.

  5. Well isn't this strange.... Now I can comment. What the heck is going on anyway. Could it be blogger had a glitch?

  6. Not that I am looking to have a babe in the near near future but...Glass bottles? I'm interested! How does that work? Are they super thick? I would be afraid of them dropping and breaking. Tell me more!

  7. thanks for the ideas! I wish more people linked up ... I'm in the process of creating my registry and any tips from moms who have tried products is always helpful!!


  8. I'm pretty surprised to say that I've only ever tried one of these items (at someone else's house.) I think this linky is a great idea, as it'll give moms a whole new world of baby gadgetry they might find really helpful! Thanks for sharing with me at the Mommy-Brain Mixer, Rebecca.

  9. I will link up to this as soon as I get the chance, what a neat idea. :)

    I'll have to try those bottles, I've been wanting to switch my little one from plastic to glass.

  10. The Bumbo in the shower is the best idea I have ever heard!