Three Months Old

Look who turned three months old. Such a big boy. I'm a week late posting this. But last week on Feb 8th, my little guy turned three months old. He's growing up so fast and so well.

He had his MRI appointment last week as well to check on his heart. They ended up not doing an MRI but just going with an ultrasound. It appears he has an extra vein transporting blood to one side of the heart. So as of right now, it's normal but he needs to be checked every year to make sure the one side of the heart does not start becoming larger then the other side.

As far as his surgery goes, he is doing so well. The incision is almost like a cat scratch and he is now feeling no more pain from it. So those are always great to hear.

Three month old stats:

- Weight: 11 pounds 14 oz {at birth he was 7 pounds 9 oz}
- Length: 23.25 inches {at birth he was 19.5 inches} 
- Drinks about 5 ounces every 5 hours
- Sleeps about 11 hours throughout the day and night
- Smiles all the time
- Lifts his head up high for over five minutes
- Loves being held
- Coos when you play with him and talk baby talk to him
- Loves bath time and stops crying when he gets in the water
- Calms down to the sound of running water
- Falls asleep when you rock him now
- Will only allow you to carry him when his head on your shoulder
- Wears 0-3 month old clothing
- Size 1 diapers
- Cries when his diaper is dirty or when he is waking up
- Loves to grab and pull on your hair
- Rolled over from tummy to back for the first time
- Seems like he is teething
- Tasted baby oatmeal for the first time
- Got his first cold and runny/stuffy nose
- Took his first vacation to Disney World
- Had his first visitors


  1. I just love him! I can't believe he's three months already!! Oh and I love the Perry toy!

  2. That's crazy that it has been three months!

    I am also loving your new blog design. Don't think I told you yet :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. I'm really glad to read that things are ever so slightly on the mend Rebecca, I can only imagine all the stresses that you've had to go through since his birth but hopefully it's all up from here!

  4. So glad to hear everything turned out ok with his heart. We have really been praying for you all. Happy 3 Months to Jr!

  5. He is so cute! I am glad he is doing well.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am having baby fever right now and your little guy is just so adorable!! Thanks for stopping by the hop!


  7. He is so cute!!!They grow up quickly.