sponsor highlight: Sarah {Life in a Break Down}

Hey everyone! I've decided to move my sponsor posts to Mondays now. So instead of Sponsor Sunday it will be refereed to as Meet My Sponsor Monday. So kicking off the beginning of the week, we have Sarah. She is from the England and her header reminds me of crayons and glitter for some reason. I don't know why but I LOVE it!

Hi I'm Sarah and I blog over at Life in a Break Down. It's my space - and it's full of randomness I'm a liquorish allsort with posts ranging from the weird to the wacky and the more normal such as beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

There's a few lifeforms that appear on my blog quite often.

Ash - my other half, the pain in my side and love of my life - he hates cameras, more than me I think, so you more likely to see him as his alter ego 'Morphman'.  
The other 'lifeforms' are our gorgeous pets we have 3. The lovely Sally dog, and our two hamsters - Robbie the Roborovski and Artie the Syrians.
Hopefully you might find something you will enjoy so pop on over and have a nose! 


Thank you Sarah for that very cute and great intro to you and your blog. I love all the photos. The "suits" that Ash wears are awesome! I've seen him in different ones on your blog and I must say, they are unique. I hope everyone stops by and says Hey to Sarah!

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