A Date With The Mouse

Well, ok...so we actually never went to see Mickey this time around. But last weekend, my parents were in town and we all went to Disney World for the weekend. So we spent two days at Magic Kingdom and one day at Hollywood Studios.

Every time my parents come to visit us, they always take us to Disney. We are lucky enough to live right around from it. Takes about 20 mins to get there...so it's not really a vacation for us but more of just something fun to do on those boring days.

This was Reg's first time at Disney. I feel bad he's three months old and this was his first time going. When Natalya was three months old, she had already been about 20 times. But with all the issues the baby has had, we had to wait so long to take him. He enjoyed the fresh air though.

So here are some photos from our few days with my parents:

Reg enjoying the fresh air out at the parks

The three of us meeting the fairies from the Tinkerbell movie

Natalya shooting arrows waiting to meet Merida from Brave

With Merida

Cinderella's Castle {front/back views}

Beauty & the Beast Castle

Inside the castle is a restaurant. 
Created to look like the ballroom where they danced

My "Be Our Guest" dessert

Natalya begged me to take her on the Tower of Terror.
She lost her tooth on this ride LOL it was loose anyway

What can I say? I love nerd hats!!

Natalya's favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph

Where's Perry?


Riding the Merry-Go-Round together

Me and Reg with Buzz Lightyear

The fireworks from the boat

And no trip wouldn't be complete without meeting Honey Boo-Boo
Yes, sadly she was there and my mom made me chase her around for pictures and an autograph..Barf!

So it was an interesting time at Disney. Honey Boo-Boo caused a lot of crowds but we had a good time. My husband hates Disney so he opted out and stayed home. So it was just me and the kids with my parents and our friends from Germany met up with us there as well.


  1. Glad you all had a great time at Disney!

  2. oh my goodness i can only imagine the chaos that the honey boo boo family brought along with them to Disney LOL

  3. So much fun!! I love Disney!!! And I would have chased Honey Boo Boo around just to see that atrocity! It's like a train wreck, you just can't look away!

  4. Great story. I'm not sure if I'd run towards or away from Honey Boo Boo!

    Would love if you could link up this post and any other travel posts to Travel Tuesday.


  5. Looks like you guys had a great time! I can't believe how big Reg is getting ... so cute!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. I've never been there- lucky you get to go so often! Did you used a baby wrap and a stroller? I'm just wondering whats easiest in a place like that...

  7. I love the photo of you in the Kermit hat Rebecca, I just love that hat in general too! These are great photos and it all looks like so much fun, it's so cool that you get to go to Disney Land so often.

  8. Such a fun time!

    and STOP IT, can't believe honey boo boo was there! hilarious