Wordless Wednesday-Not So Wordless

I'm getting this in late but it's still Wednesday but whatever.... here is how my Wednesday went down:

Yes, I was so sick today and boy can't you tell from this photo? Blah!!! Not sick with the flu though, sick with a double migraine on each side of my head and face. I hate those. I couldn't make it to work today. I tried. I got all ready with my shoes on and almost fell down from dizziness. There was no way I was going to make the 50 minute drive to work in one piece. So I stayed home to rest up but then the baby woke so I tried to get him back to bed...hence, the photo of me rocking him.

I look horribly tired. Can't you see the dark circles under my eyes? And no makeup either ahhhh what was I thinking taking a photo. It's not the worst I've seen of myself so I can't complain that bad. It's pretty decent for feeling like utter crap.

Migraines suck booty...major booty. I get them more then anyone else I know. They always come from exhaustion for me or when I've cried just way too much. In this case, it was from being tired.

This really isn't wordless now is it? HAHAHA oh well...

Since I had to go and get the daughter from school today, I saw the library notified me that there was an extra copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey available on audio book. So we had to go get her a library book anyway so i picked this up and eager to listen to it. Though I have heard mixed reviews from friends about it, I'm still curious. Will give me something to listen to at work tomorrow.

I heard they are in production with a movie of this as well. So I shall finally see what all the talk and obsession was about. I'm late on the craze but but late then never right?

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I don't think you look so bad in the picture. Maybe we are our own worst critics. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you get better.
    Thank you for linking up to the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop.


  2. You look like a beautiful mam in that picture...holding your little man!

    It'll be interesting to see what you think of the book.


  3. I'm not keen on the concept of 50 Shades of Grey but it'll be interesting to see what you think about it Becca. That photo is so cute, sorry to hear about the headaches though, I've been getting headaches on and off for years now and I really do know how much it can suck unfortunately.

  4. Found you from Thursday blog hop.
    Nice to meet you. Follow your blog/FB and Twitter.
    Please feel free to drop by.

  5. First time visitor from the Blog hop... new follower. :) That sucks. Migraines are the worst! (also that was the wordiest wordless Wednesday ever... it's like when I try to do a wordless Wednesday.) ;)

  6. I get migraines too sometimes. Have you tried taking a Tylenol and drinking a cup of coffee? That always helps mine. Also, I drink a lot of water.

    You'll have to tell me how the book is, I haven't read it yet either!