Thirteen Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year everyone! My very first post of 2013. And of course, I assume you all celebrated the new year is style :0) Well, our plans went a bit down but it was still good. The older you get, the less you care to do as much. We stayed up and watched the ball drop drinking vodka drinks. Natalya fell asleep nine minutes before the ball drop.
The husband and I thought we were going to get some "adult" time later but yea....that didn't happen. The baby only slept for ten mins at a time and was very cranky the time he was up. So no time alone for us. I did get to snag a bit of a New Years kiss in there somehow.

I think everyone would agree that my biggest blog news in 2012 was sharing my pregnancy through the weeks and then the big news that we had our baby boy in November.

So here are thirteen resolutions for 2013..........

Ok, well in all seriousness, here are some things I would love to keep as resolutions this year:
  1. Keep up staying healthy. We have been doing good last year by cutting out GMO foods/drinks and it made us feel so much more better inside and out. 
  2. Shed some pounds. I was thrilled when I found out that only two weeks after giving birth, I was already back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, I'm shooting for those extra 30 pounds I need to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had my daughter {six years ago .... Yikes!}
  3. I'm hoping that this year we can have a really happy marriage. Last year, there were a lot of bad things that happened that was making us fall apart. I'm hoping those "mistakes" that were made can be forever gone and we can move on and be happy and everyone can be faithful in this marriage.
  4. I want to try and be a better mother to my children  I feel like most days, I'm the worst mom in the world. And I hope I can feel that I am making my children happy and always doing the right thing.
  5. To try hard to not have to ask my parents for money
  6. When we move in a few months to really get organized and able to actually unpack
  7. To try and not let people bother me with their snotty remarks or unkind words
  8. Try to be less stressed. "Stress" is my middle name.
  9. Do more fun, craft projects.
  10. Pull out my sewing machine and start back up sewing again.
  11. Try to stop getting so frustrated and angry over things I can't control.
  12. Be a better friend to those who are true friends to me.
  13. Just overall, try to be a better, happier person


  1. I love your list! You are such a beautiful person and you have such a kind heart. There are times we all feel like icky mommies. Uuugg. However, I bet you are such a good mommy. Your love for your sweeties is so evident in all of your posts. :)

    Happy New Year! Much love to you!!

  2. Love the e-cards lol! Good luck with your resolutions, and I hope you had a great new year x

  3. Haha ~ Those pictures are classic!
    Happy New Year mama ~ you are going to rock next...I mean THIS year! LOL


  4. I really hope that you can achieve all of your goals and resolutions for 2013 although I have no doubt you'll be successful Rebecca. Great post, I love the last photo, especially how stand up to the boss has been replaced by get a new job haha.

  5. Happy New Year Rebecca! I loved all those photos! I couldn't stop laughing about the photo that has all the years crossed out! I also love the 2012 (with the 2 turned into a 3), I always do that for the first month of the year.
    Good luck in accomplishing all of your resolutions!

  6. Lol Rebecca you are quite hilarious but I DO love that you did 13 resolutions! That's super clever!!

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  7. Fabulous post!

    Made me laugh out loud!


  8. I didn't make any resolutions this year but I love your #4. There are days I feel like the worst mother ever. I want to be a better mom to my kids.

  9. I love the "be more positive and less sarcastic" picture - that's definitely me! haha

    happy 2013!

  10. Hahahah, I love the graphics! Good luck with your resolutions. :) I feel like this is going to be a good year!!

  11. Love the New Years memes, especially the one about working out to get hot to make other people jealous! :) I've already had to correct five checks I accidentally wrote 2012 on. Doh!

    I hope you're having a great week and a Happy New Year!

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