So Call Me Maybe?

So it's true. I finally got a cell phone again after not having one more six months. I have to admit, not having one was pretty nice. I actually enjoyed not having to forget it or forget to charge it. Not being attached to it. The only time I missed it was when I was driving to and from work. Since I drive about 100 miles a day back and forth, I was just worried if I got a flat tire on the interstate or in an accident...I wouldn't be able to call for help. But besides those two things, it was nice not having one.

And now I got one again. I'm so used to having an iPhone. It's the only phone I've pretty much had for a long time and was so comfortable with it. But when we ended out service, my iPhone was basically an iPod and I could still use it only if wifi was available. But I loved my iPhone. It was simple, easy and just awesome to me.

But I've decided to try out another phone. This time I went with an Android. I really like the phone so far. It's bigger then my iPhone was. But having an android is so foreign to me. I get a bit frustrated with it at times because I'm so used to the iPhone that I feel I can't figure out simple things. I'm getting better and better with it though. It's definitely a big change. 
So this is the phone I got. The HTC EVO. I runs apps very well and I haven't had a dropped call yet. But it's just so weird trying to do things on it sometimes. I have to google so many things cause I'm clueless.

So yes, I'm back up to technology speed having a cell phone again. Have any of you gone through this? Going from the iPhone to android or vice versa with the same simple frustrations? I think in my heart, I will always be in love with my iPhone. But the HTC isn't bad either. I must say it's a pretty cool phone. It does have one really cool feature the iPhone does not and that is it can take 3D photographs  I think that's pretty cool. I've played around with it and it's something new I didn't know phones featured. But just for kicks, it's fun to show people.

So I'm starting over with a new phone and new phone number. Change is good. Just have to get used to it :)

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  1. You're right about change Rebecca, you'll get used to the new phone in time, it's always the way. Great post.

  2. I'm actually going from a droid to an iPhone on Friday. I feel like I'll be going through the same thing!

  3. I love my HTC Vivid and would never get an iPhone

  4. I switched from an iPhone to a droid recently and love it!

  5. I have an iPhone, my husband has an Android. I hate using his phone. It drives me nuts!