My Toys R Us Strategy

Ok, I have to admit, sadly I believe my favorite store is Toys R Us... yea, that really brings out the mommy in me, doesn't it? Shouldn't my favorite store be Macy's or something?'s always been Toys R Us...even though I'm not a kid, I can still act like on there LOL just kidding. I behave, I swear *wink wink*

So now that we have a new baby in the house and I'm having the breastfeeding issues that I am dealing with, Toys R Us is the only store right now to carry the formula we use. So I make many trips there. However, I get there and then seem to spend hours just walking around looking at everything. I really do love this store.
So I went on my little adventure yesterday and I wanted to see if I could pull off that "coupon extreme" stuff they show on tv. And so the adventure begins......

Now, it's not like you see on tv. I didn't bring home bags filled with items, but I grabbed a few things {2 bags to be exact} and only spent $0.10
Yup, just one dime. I was like hell yea!

I'm sure all you experienced couponers out there will laugh, but this is a huge deal to me. I was overly excited. But I made an attempt and so here is my receipt {I love that Toys R Us now emails you a receipt as well as a paper one}. Since I can't find the original, I just am using the digital one they sent.

Here is what I purchased:

- Two 72-count tubs of baby wipes
- Multi-use waterproof mattress pads for pack-n-play
- BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner
- BabyGanics Fabric & Nursery Freshener

If I purchased this without any coupons or deals, the retail value would have been $22.64 and all I paid was $0.10 I don't believe that is too shabby. Here is the receipt so that I can brag to myself just how awesome I did!

So I know it's not much, but's a start and over $20 worth of stuff that I bought and saved my cash as well. How awesome it made me feel. Now, I was so excited I had a dime in my wallet cause that would have sucked having to pay ten cents on my debit card LOL. Anyone else make out with a great shopping day within the past few weeks? I'm beginning to like this "couponing" thing.

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  1. That's awesome! I tried to coupon (had the big binder and all!) but it took SO much of my time.

  2. I love how Toys R Us is your favourite store Rebecca but I'm shocked to read that they do breast feeding stuff in America, that's so cool!

  3. Look at you getting on with your bad self! Way to coupon mama!!
    Have you check Amazon for your formula?

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  4. How many coupons did you use? I didn't know they'd let you use more than one on a single item!

  5. WOOHOO! Nice work!!

    You basically only paid for the tax on all of this! I'm an avid couponer and can tell you that this is most certainly an awesome shopping trip!


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  6. I simple deal match and save that way. I'm jealous of those of you with the patience to figure out how to cheat the coupon system. :)

  7. I used to really love it, but I haven't done it for so long now! It's something I wouldn't mind getting into again, but it is a lot of work (worth it work, but still work ;) ).

    'grats on the savings. :) Visiting from Raising Imperfection today.

  8. How on earth did you manage that?! I'm about to have a baby and won't be working, so I definitely need to learn some of the couponing skill! 10 cents is incredible!


  9. That is awesome! Good job. I really need to start couponing!
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