Mother's Milk - xoxo Rebecca

Mother's Milk

So it's been hard for me to deal with and of course, I'm coping with it better now then I was a month ago. But I felt this time around it was so crucial to feed my baby breast milk to help build back up all this tissue and organs from the surgery he had. When he was born, I was producing so much milk, I couldn't even keep up. I was pumping out 5 oz. for 25 mins every couple hours.

The hospital had me pump there and while at home and bring him milk on my visits back and forth to see him. My parents bought me two very expensive pumps to keep up the supply and demand with. I thought it would be good to go.

After he turned one month old, I noticed my supply was going down a lot. I stopped pumping when I got sick because I was worried the medicine in the milk would effect him {I should have just pumped it and thrown it away but didn't}.

So when he was six weeks old and I had to go back to work, I tried pumping at work and noticed there wasn't a supply anymore. I was so heart broken and devastated. I wanted to keep him on breast milk at least til he was six months old to heal him from the surgery like I stated above and also to get the money's worth out of the pumps I was given.

I felt like I disappointed everyone. My mom said with all the stress from him having surgery and the fights my husband and I had at home all the I wasn't eating for days at a time and rarely slept because I was always crying for my baby to come home and kept crossing my fingers they would release him.

My mom feels all this was the cause of rapid milk loss. Now he's two months old and I'm getting better dealing with the fact that I can't give him breast milk. It was so hard finding a formula we wanted to use because most of you know, we are against GMOs and will not buy anything containing that. Since all the baby formula's are GMO made, it really sucked at what we were going to give him.

But we did find that only one store in town sells non-GMO baby formula and so he has been drinking that since my milk has stopped. I'm so glad we were lucky enough to find it. It's a bit more expensive, but I refuse to use anything like Good Start, Enfamil, or Similac or any store brands because of the high amounts of GMO in all of those.

So a girl I work with who just had a baby to told me she has been going through the same thing with losing her milk. So she told me about tea that is supposed to increase your supply. Has anyone heard of this or used it themselves?

I went and bought some last night and the one she suggested to me was GMO based but I found one that is GMO free. So I picked it up and tried it. It actually tastes pretty decent. I have never had tea in my life so I didn't know what to expect and was a bit scared to try it.

So I have been using it last night and today and went to pump. I actually noticed I got a few drops out of the boobs in 20 mins. So it's either there is still something in there or the tea stimulated something.

Has anyone else gone through this and lost their supply and got it back? I really would like to be able to give my baby my milk and limit on the formula. I've heard of the cookies too but haven't tried those yet either. I know there are a ton of breast feeding moms around here so any insight would help. I feel though it seems that since my supply is gone, it's not going to come back. But I'm willing to try things to see.

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