Mommy & Me

Of course I always love mommy & me time. With my own mother and now with my children. My daughter is fast asleep so tonight, I was on baby watch while the husband got some of his freelance work done. Then it's off to bed for me so I can get up for work tomorrow.
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So I took a couple photos of us messing around tonight. I started a little game with baby Reg called "A-goo-goo". Yes, I really do talk all baby gibberish to my little guy. I love it. My husband thinks I'm insane and hates it. But I don't care. My daughter thinks it's funny and joins in too. Can you believe this little boy will be two months old tomorrow? Time is flying. He has gotten so big since he was born.

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  1. Adorable little man with his beautiful momma! Love! xo

  2. These photos are so cute Rebecca, you both look awesome together and it's easy to see why you love time with him and your daughter!

  3. He is getting so awesome seeing how well he is doing considering everything you first went through in the hospital!

    You look beautiful mama!


  4. Adorable pics!!! I totally do the baby talk thing too. I think I got her to smile today by going "boop boop boop" hahah.

  5. lovely photos! I found you through Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

  6. Such a handsome little man, and pretty mom, too! So glad you are joining in with us (and having fun with your son and daughter, too!)