Lauren's Big Day {wedding week}

Let me just tell y'all how excited I was to hear that Rebecca needed a few guest posts related to weddings! This month is mine & my husbands anniversary too so I am all geared up to spotlighting this wonderful day of ours. As an introduction, my name is Lauren and I blog over at Simply Free about all sorts of random things regarding my faith, being frugal, living simply, creatively, and with style! I am so blessed to be married to my best friend & my absolute biggest supporter so chatting about the proposal and our wedding come quite easily :) I've decided to share a bit about both, but check out my wedding page for all the details where I've broken down every aspect of our big day (so worth it if you're planning your wedding right now)! 

DATE: 04.30.2010             LOCATION: Auburn, Alabama 
So Friday comes along and my meeting on campus ran late, so everyone was at the bowling alley waiting for me to start the game by the time I made it there.  We all had a fun time bowling and I even won the game! Glenn told me that our dinner date was running late, and he got excited and said we could do this scavenger hunt his roommate found (I always have my camera in my purse) to take up time.  So we set out following the clues and going around campus taking pictures at a bunch of our favorite places in Auburn.  At this point, I still am clueless to the night's happenings!

After going to several places, we reached Glenn hall were he lived freshman year and where we had had several serious talks about life and our relationship and various stages in our journey. While I was getting the camera ready, he told me he had a gift from the bowling alley for Sam (my cat). [Now as a back story, a long time ago, Glenn and I had gone bowling and he got me a ring from the quarter machine that I wore it every day for almost two years until then!] He pulls out this little round container and hands it to me and I was so excited he had gotten a toy for Sam! (Yup, still totally didn't have clue what was about to happen.) 

I opened it up and inside was this glow in the dark skull and all I could talk about was how much Sam was going to love playing with it at night!As I turned it over to look at it and noticed a bit of paper towel sticking out and started to pull it out...that's when I saw the band of the ring and it finally registered! My face turned to shock/surprise/excitement and as Glenn took the ring and got down on one knee I started to cry (and apparently squeal I've been told!). He asked if I would marry him and all I remember is saying "of course! yes! of course!". While he was putting the ring on my finger, there were some cleaning ladies on the bench outside of the science center buildings that started whooping and hollering and it was priceless.  After he got up and gave me a big hug he started looking over my shoulder and out from the bushes comes my mom, his mom, his sister and a few of my best friends. They had been hiding the whole time taking pictures! After lots of hugs and more pictures, we all went to Glenn's house where his dad and several of our other friends were waiting to have dinner that our families had made and celebrate!
It could not have been a more perfect day and I loved every bit of it!! He did such an amazing job!! :)        

DATE: 01.15.2011             LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama
The whole engagement period leading up to the big day itself was made all the more incredible by the loving, supportive and joyful circle of friends and family that surrounded us throughout the whole process. A faithful circle who continually reminded us that our wedding was the starting point of something greater; a marriage that glorified Christ. While our wedding was far from pinterest worthy, without defect, or full of pizzaz, it was indeed perfect for us and I wouldn't trade a single moment from that day or a single day that has followed.   

Trinity United Methodist Church. My husband grew up in the church and his family still attends there. Aside from being such a wonderful home away from home for us and source of love and encouragement, it is just simply an incredibly gorgeous location.

PHOTOGRAPHER:Mandy Busby. She and her husband do the shooting and are so much fun and simply wonderful people. The packages are so perfect and easy to make fit what you need/want. And they have options for bridal sessions, engagement sessions, etc. We were recommended from a friend and they have ended up doing several other friend's weddings as well.  They also do 8mm video (watch it here!) which is one thing I especially loved from them in addition to the photo book. 



Norton's. They are so well established and very easy to work with. We went with relatively simple arrangements and utilized the bridesmaids bouquets for the display at the reception as well as my toss bouquet for the guestbook. I worked with J. Ross and he perfectly captured my vision and I don't even know much about flowers haha. Simply beautiful.

Park Lane.  We loved the venue when we first saw it.  It used to be a restaurant that they converted into a special occasions venue.  It had PLENTY of space for up to 300 people.  There was room for tables and space for a dancing area as well. The best part was the very beautiful old wooden bar area.  It was a very simple and elegant space. 

Kathy G.  Since we had our reception at Park Lane they were required to cater, but it was a real blessing actually b/c they were wonderful! Very easy to work with and pretty budget friendly options as well. And VERY tasty. We chose from the fall/winter hors d'oeuvres menu and had an open bar too.   


Publix. Cakes are still expensive no matter where you get them, but Publix had the best deal of all the places we went. Most places charge by the slice and they didn't. Also, they delivered it to the reception site for us. The cake tasted delicious and we got both the wedding cake & grooms cake for a great price. Everyone was VERY surprised that it was from Publix b/c they thought it was from a upscale bakery b/c it tasted so good.  

I got my dress from Alfred Angelo & they partner with Mr. Burch's Tuxes.   My bridesmaids dresses were from there as well and they got a discount coupon since I got my dress there. Glenn and my brother (who fulfilled the FOB duties) also got discounts. My accessories were quite meaningful to me as my shoes were glitter TOMS & my earrings were handmade by an Auburn graduate at a small store in Auburn called The Villager. 

So there you have it! The short(er) story of our blissfully ever after! I love talking weddings and how to plan, organize and save money while still making your day exactly as you special as it should be. I would love to talk with you if you have any questions or anything about the whole process :) Connect with me via the jumps below & be sure to check out my blog as well!

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  1. I love your story and am heading over to your blog now to check it out! What a fun day!

    Lauren -

  2. I love a little Southern wedding. And since we live in Bham... this had my mind rolling about where all these places are! =)

  3. Such a cute story and beautiful pictures!

  4. This is such a cute proposal story and your wedding looks like it was amazing and everything you dreamed off, love this.

  5. Congratulations! Adorable engagement (and creative)!
    Love love

  6. Congratulations! Adorable engagement (and creative)!
    Love love