Laura's Wedding Binder {wedding week}

Laura from Thrifty Homemaking is sharing her wedding planning info today. 
It was only one year ago that I was in the busiest part of planning my wedding. I married in April 2012, and by January it was time to really get going with the planning. As your wedding day gets closer, the more overwhelming everything seems. But, thanks to staying organized with my wedding binder, I didn't have one worry on our special day.

Here is a list of the major components of my binder: Master to-do list. These can be found on many wedding sites, including (which is what I used). This was the first thing in my binder, along with my calendars. These lists are great, because they give you a general idea of when to complete the task (i.e. it's suggested to meet with your photographer two months before the wedding.)

Printable calendars: This allows you to break down the big to-do list with small, manageable steps by day, week, and month. I would suggest using one that also has room for notes at the bottom.
Other forms and lists: Wedding party, budget, timeline, and vendors. Tabs dividing sections for notes and ideas on the ceremony, reception, dresses & suits, etc.

Folders: Inside the folder I kept things such as the DJ and Photographer agreements, receipts, ceremony plans, registry list, coupons, and projects. I was able to save a ton of money by doing projects on my own, shopping sales, and using coupons.

I also added things like taping the wedding colors to the inside the front cover and a picture of my dress. There are so many possibilities for creating a wedding binder of your own. It's a great way to keep organized and store all of your ideas in one place. The most important part is to add personal touches to make your binder and your wedding uniquely yours!

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  1. great idea my wedding was a heart attack, wish i had read this first.

  2. This sounds like it made everything so much easier for your wedding Laura, thanks for sharing this idea with us all.