Heather's Not-So-Pinterest Wedding Advice {wedding week}

I'm Heather from Keeping Up With The Giffords.
I'm so excited to be posting while Rebecca is celebrating her anniversary!

And no offense to anyone, but I probably had the best wedding ever.
And not because I spent hundreds of thousands on it.

The wedding was the most amazing one I had ever seen because when I got married, shows like David Tutera's My Fair Wedding or Platinum Weddings didn't exist yet!
I had nothing else to compare to my wedding so of course I thought it was the greatest ever!

My wedding was simple.

We wore yellow and white, had daisies in our bouquets, and our table numbers looked like retired baseball player numbers, complete with our favorite Red Sox players' numbers!

It was all about us. 
Dreamed up completely in our minds.

I joke with my friends who are getting engaged now that an engagement is not official until it's on Facebook and you've started a Pinterest board for it!
And here's my problem with wedding boards on Pinterest...

They are always perfect. 
Like perfect perfect.
Like, set people up to believe that their weddings will be that amazing and that they are not "Pinterest- worthy" if even one thing goes wrong.

But really, shouldn't your wedding just be perfect for you?
Not for the thousands of people who might repin a picture they see?

It is perfectly possible to have a wedding that is perfect, even if
 you wouldn't want to post the pictures to a board on Pinterest!
As long as you loved it, who cares if anyone else likes it enough to repin?

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  1. I love that your wedding happened before all these other fairytale weddings on television and online happened so you really got to enjoy it Heather, sounds like it was a wonderful time to me.