Cardiologists & MRIs - xoxo Rebecca

Cardiologists & MRIs

So on Facebook today, I posted a status about my son. I guess now is the time to talk about what the post was about. You know, since I hit 30 weeks into my pregnancy with him, things started to get a little rough with me.

I underwent an emergency appendectomy right when I hit 30 weeks pregnant. Then after he was born, he had to undergo emergency surgery at two days old. He had to get an appendectomy as well as having his small intestines cut off and sewn back together to attach to his colon.

We were pretty confident that would be the end. Well, we were hoping. However, he is now two months old and doing so well on the outside. He couldn't be more perfect to me. But this past Friday, the doctor discovered another concern that needs medical attention.

When I heard this, you can only imagine my heart sank. In his very short life so far, he has gone through so much. My heart breaks every time I think about it and I really feel this completely close special bond I have with him. There is this type of love I feel for him that seems greater then no other.
I've been with him since day one and I will continue to fight right along with him until we fix everything for him to be a healthy baby.

The doctor has now ask we go back to the hospital he had his surgery at and has issued to have an MRI done on his heart. They are now concern there may be a heart issue with him now that wasn't caught at the previous check ups.

I just started to get over all the emotional trauma I went though when he had surgery and then I am hit with this news that he may be having heart problems. What could happen next? It seems like one thing after the other and I don't understand why. When can my baby get a break?

So the appointment is scheduled with the hospital's pediatric cardiologist and I'm just hoping that they decide there really isn't anything going on and he's just showing some signs of something wrong, but nothing really is.
My poor baby. I just want to cry when I think about all this.I will never stop thinking that no matter what he has gone though, he's still my perfect beautiful little guy.

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