Why Does That look Like...?

So this afternoon, we were all sitting in the living room. My husband was on the chair playing Halo 4 and my daughter and I were on the floor with the baby. I was sitting there changing his diaper. She has watched numerous diaper changes and has even helped out before. She helps with baths and getting him dressed. 

But she said something tonight that was hilarious that had the husband and I laughing. She asked why the baby's private parts looked weird. I said, "What do you mean? That's what a boy's bottom looks like." She then asked, "Why does it look like a turkey's red gobble thing?" 

 I about pissed myself from laughing so hard. She compared her baby brother's wee-wee to a red gobble neck thing on a turkey HAHAHA. Mind you she is six years old. But I just couldn't stop laughing at it.

So now I think this will be a big joke for a long time and my poor little baby's boy parts do not look like a turkey gobbler LOL. They look just as normal as can be. The stuff she says sometimes really cracks me up or takes me for a loop. I don't know where she comes up with these kind of things. I just thought this was too funny not to share.

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  1. OMG my husband and I are cracking up here!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! I love what little kids say!

  3. Kids are HILARIOUS!!! Love it!!!!! My 10 month old just discovered his private parts in the bathtub the other day and proceeded to pull at it. Sigh. They grow up way too fast haha <3


  4. That is just too funny! Kids are so silly and cute sometimes :)

  5. Kiddies say that darnedest things! That is super funny. Thanks so much for the laugh.

    I am stopping by via the Tea on Tuesday Hop, following you in the social networks we have in common.

  6. OMG that is hilarious! I just love what kids come up with! I still remember when mine was 2, she pointed to my dog's "junk" and said "boo boo". I have no idea where she got that from, but I about died laughing (when she wasn't looking lol).


    P.S. Thanks for linking up to the GtKY blog hop! :)

  7. Bahahaha! Man, do I love kids. :P

  8. Too cute! Kids truly say the funniest things! Found you through Team Ibrahim; love your blog!

  9. This is hilarious! One of the funniest things I have heard!
    Kids and their imaginations!


  10. Oh that is too funny! Yeah, this will probably be remembered and repeated for years to come.