November Spots

Hey guys, in case you hadn't heard...

Ok, kind of a silly statement. But I thought it was clever! So now that it's November, Halloween is over, fall has begun, daylight savings time is about to hit us.....the year is obviously drawing near to the end.

November also means something else special. We are expecting a baby this month {I know you guys know this already since I talk about it non-stop} and so in honor of all this, I'm doing some specials for sponsor spots this month.

For the month of November, I'm now offering 25% off the Head Of The Class ad spot. This is the biggest ad spot available and only one per month is listed. However, if you purchase it and it's already taken, you will still get the discount for the month your ad will run in. The promo code to get this offer is WELCOMEBABY

And I'm also offering extended months for the other two ad spots. Purchase either the Strut Your Stuff or Rockin' It ad space and get an extra 30 days worth of sponsorship. So that's 60 days total. No code needed. It will be added onto your ad time once the ad is approved.

Check out my Sponsor page HERE to get these great deals!


  1. This is a great offer Rebecca for a great month of yours coming up. I can't wait to hear about your little baby boy and how wonderful he is very soon!

  2. We are expecting our baby this month as well. The babba is due on 18th although if it waits that long I think my wife will explode (literally) we have big babys :-P

  3. I signed up!

    Excited to work with you!!!!


  4. Yay for baby! And I just signed up for the Strut Your Stuff ad space! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you!