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Good morning everyone! I have been asked to co-host & be featured on another blog hop this morning and so go ahead and link up with this one as well as mine below. Two blog hops for the price of one today! Now what an awesome offer that is.


Welcome to the Getting to Know You Weekend Blog Hop
This week we are Getting to Know Rebecca from Let Them Eat Cake

About Me: Hello Lovelies, my name is Rebecca & my blog is Let Them Eat Cake. Awesome name right? Well, just to share a secret with you, I actually do not like cake! Seriously, I don't. So what's with the name, you ask? Not a cake fan then why the name? Well I have this crazy obsession with Marie Antoinette and of course, she is famous for the line "Let Them Eat Cake". Yet, she has never actually been documented to have said that. Funny, huh? But I love the quote and couldn't resist. 
Now, about me and the blog. I'm a 30-something year old mom of a wonderfully smart six year old girl named Natalya. We named her after a video game character from back when Nintendo 64 used to be cool. I know, I'm such a nerd. I'm just days away from becoming a mommy all over again with our second. We just found out we are having a boy so it will be fun to have one of each around this house.
I am an artist and have a job as a professional digital cartographer for one of the largest mapping companies in the US. I love my job. My husband is also an artist. He makes video games. He has worked for major companies such as EA and BioWare.
I blog about life stuff you know. I don't feel I have one subject I stick to. Lately though, everything I seem to talk about deals with pregnancy. So that has taken over more and more lately. But I like to blog about everything and I love blog hopping. I love blogging. It's been such a blast so far and I have so much fun when it comes to everything being social with people. So stop by sometime and say hi! 

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  1. I love your description Rebecca although I do feel a little bummed and hugely shocked that you don't like cake, that's a massive surprise! You'll also need to update the bit about expecting your baby now too haha, I've loved your pregnancy updates though, been so much fun to join you on your journey.

  2. I find the history of Marie Antoinette so fascinating actually! You know when they ask you about the people you'd pick to have dinner with? I would have her at my table for sure! Great to meet you, by the way.