False Alarms

So if you saw on Twitter last night/early this morning I dragged my husband and daughter to the hospital at almost midnight. I really thought things seemed to be where they needed to be to get this going. I was at 3cm at my doctor's appointment and since he took the membranes away, I was for sure {and everyone else I talked to} it would be this weekend that I would be far enough along that we could finally be admitted into the hospital and start labor really going.

Apparently, I'm more ahead then the baby is. We got there and I was actually upset to hear I was still only at 3cm. So instead of sending me home right away {because they allow you to stay if you hit 4cm}, I was actually offered a choice. I never had that before. I was always sent home with this one and my other pregnancy.

So the choice was to just go ahead and head back home. Or I could take a two hour walk around the hospital and come back at 2:15am and be re-checked. I wanted so bad to do the walking even though I knew my husband and daughter gave me the look of death cause they were exhausted. So I said I'm already here, I want to try it.

Normally, the stories go that walking causes labor to progress and speed up so I was so desperate to do what it took to be admitted to get things going. So I walked for two hours around on the lobby floor. I wasn't allowed anywhere else and I had to stay inside the building. I grabbed a salad even and kept walking while eating.

So two hours later {2:15am} we went back to the room and the nurse came in and rechecked me. I was actually shocked by her response. Not only was I just still at 3cm but labor has actually STOPPED! Seriously? Walking is supposed to bring on labor and it did the opposite to me. It completely stopped it. I felt like I was being punked.

But she still had me hooked up to the monitors for over an hour and nothing seemed to be showing up except false contractions. I was having them hard too. It was painful. But after everything was said and done, they sent me home at 4:30am and just told me to come back when I felt real labor or the typical like if my water breaks and so on.

So that was a huge disappointment. I'm really bummed. I can't believe I feel more ready then the baby is. I really thought today would have been the day. The husband and daughter wouldn't stop with the dirty looks and all I kept hearing was "Told you so. The baby isn't ready yet. Stop forcing it."

Everyone was dead tired by that time and we got home around 5:00am. Sucky. I felt like crap, they felt like crap. It was just a crappy night. I shouldn't have gone at all. So now I'm just going to stay home and relax and I guess try to get my mind off this. I need to just let it happen and I can't understand why my mind and body won't do that. It's good to just relax and enjoy the time before the baby but I don't know why I can't.

So I'm trying to clean and do what I can aorund the house since I'm starting back at zero with labor.  Sorry, just had to make a rant. But I guess I have to stay positive and remember the longer the baby stays in the better for it and for me.

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  1. Aways better to be safe. If you didn't truly feel like it was time I'm sure you wouldn't have gone to the hospital at all. There's nothing wrong with being ready...but you are right, let that baby stay a little longer!

  2. Sending you a hug! ((Rebecca)) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. The last sentiments are true Rebecca. Despite the discomfort the longer the baby is in there the better it probably is for the baby. I hope he does come soon though, thanks so much for the updates.

  4. Aw no what a pain in the bum. My wife would be fuming we only have a few weeks left now until she is due. I hope things start happening for you soon.


  5. That just stinks about baby not wanting to come... I think once women hit the 37 week mark they are DONE! I know thats how it was for me with both my babies! I'll be praying for you girl :)

  6. I'm sorry it wasn't time!! I am 39 weeks preggo and so ready for it too, I can relate! Hopefully soon baby will decide to come.

  7. Wow poor you! I guess get as much stuff done as you can! Congratulations, how exciting:). I found your blog on the Friendly Friday blog hop and am excited to be a new follower of yours, and will be keeping up!


  8. Dear God,

    you know the appointed time that the little guy is going to arrive. help us to all wait on your timing. Give Rebecca peace in this time and ease her frustration. Thank you for her great heart and her love for her children. thank you for connecting us too. she is a blessing to me.

    know im continuing to pray for you.

    much love,


  9. I remember those days well, I went through the "false labor" a few times with my son. It feels completely real, because a lot of times the contractions are spaced evenly and very painful. I didn't have the problem with "false labor" with my twins, it was real all the way, to the point of having to be on bed rest and medication to stop my labor from progressing! It will all happen in time, and I wish you the best of luck! I am a new follower from the Lovin' the Weekend blog hop!

  10. Oh my goodness, I can sooo relate. This happened to me a bunch of times with my 2nd baby. False labor, going to the hospital and getting sent home. I was 4 cm dilated and they still sent me home! I was at my wit's end. So sorry you are going through this too, but your beautiful baby WILL be here soon, I promise. :)

    Newest follower, visiting from the Super Sunday Sync! Hope you get some rest!

  11. With my first, my water broke before I was in labor. They tried inducing me for HOURS with pitosin (sp?) before they had to bring in the big guns. He just didn't want to come out. My second ended up getting induced on a Thursday because my OB was leaving for vacation that Saturday and I was due the week he was going to be away. LOL. Hang in there - the baby will be here soon enough :)

  12. Oh no! I hope things happen for real soon!

  13. Oh my gosh, that sounds just awful!! I feel so bad for you, the last part of your pregnancy has been pretty rough. :( But hey, at least you will have a really interesting story to tell the baby later on when he grows up...

  14. Oh no! Hope you got enough rest today though to make up for it. Good luck!


  15. I know exactly how you feel!! I'm 'almost' 38 weeks, and had a false labour at 36 weeks... not that I wanted him out so early but I was devistated that I left the hospital still pregnant.

    I love your blog by the way, I found it through Crazy Mama's blog hop and am now following your blog! It's too cute not to ;)


  16. Of course you know this, but your little one will come into the world at the perfect time!

    My daughter was born at 38 weeks. I have an incredibly high pain tolerance, but I could hardly stand by the time we got to the hospital. So, imagine my surprise when the nurse told me that I was barely dilated to 2 cm. I was placed in a morphine "sleep" to try to stop what the staff initially thought was false labor (it wasn't). Not only did I not sleep, but the morphine didn't help a bit! It took 3 full days, but I finally delivered our beautiful baby girl, on her time, on my own.

    Best wishes in the coming days!

  17. Aw congratulations! I bet you are very excited! I am visiting from the Monday Mingle and I am a follower of yours now. Would love if you could come visit and follow me.


  18. It is a terrible time! I am at 34 weeks with #2 and feel as if it is my first pregnancy all together! I’ve woke up in the middle of the night with such strong Braxton Hicks I’ve sworn I was in early labor! Until your husband has gone through it himself he won’t understand! You can never be 100% sure until the doctor says yep this is it! Hang in there! Baby will come when baby is ready…not that that statement is ever actually consoling to the mom at full term!! Good luck and praying for you!

  19. Ugh what a night! Nice that they gave you a chance to get the labor going but maybe with all of that cleaning, it will kick things into gear!

  20. Aw, I'm sorry it was false labor. I'll bet the NEXT time, it will be the real thing!
    Thank you for linking up with Super Sunday Sync this week! hope to see you next week :)

  21. You do have one stubborn babe! Enjoyed reading your story and your blog, visiting from the Mom's Monday Mingle, and I am now a new follower!

  22. Oh goodness lady! Hope you get some rest and hope that little one come soon! I'm sure that cleaning will do it! {That's what started my labor with my little one} Plus its amazing to come home from the hospital to a nice clean house! :)

    I'm a new follower from Mom's Mingle! I can't wait to hear about your new arrival!

    Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime!


  23. Oh man that sounds frustrating! Hope things hurry a long for you now. There is nothing worse then those last few days of waiting for bubba to arrive!

  24. It's always so easy for others to tell you to "just be patient" but you know your body and you know when you start to get that itching feeling! I'm sure it WILL be soon.

    Were there tears? I always get a little misty when I'm sent home and told to come back in a few hours. lol