False Alarms - xoxo Rebecca

False Alarms

So if you saw on Twitter last night/early this morning I dragged my husband and daughter to the hospital at almost midnight. I really thought things seemed to be where they needed to be to get this going. I was at 3cm at my doctor's appointment and since he took the membranes away, I was for sure {and everyone else I talked to} it would be this weekend that I would be far enough along that we could finally be admitted into the hospital and start labor really going.

Apparently, I'm more ahead then the baby is. We got there and I was actually upset to hear I was still only at 3cm. So instead of sending me home right away {because they allow you to stay if you hit 4cm}, I was actually offered a choice. I never had that before. I was always sent home with this one and my other pregnancy.

So the choice was to just go ahead and head back home. Or I could take a two hour walk around the hospital and come back at 2:15am and be re-checked. I wanted so bad to do the walking even though I knew my husband and daughter gave me the look of death cause they were exhausted. So I said I'm already here, I want to try it.

Normally, the stories go that walking causes labor to progress and speed up so I was so desperate to do what it took to be admitted to get things going. So I walked for two hours around on the lobby floor. I wasn't allowed anywhere else and I had to stay inside the building. I grabbed a salad even and kept walking while eating.

So two hours later {2:15am} we went back to the room and the nurse came in and rechecked me. I was actually shocked by her response. Not only was I just still at 3cm but labor has actually STOPPED! Seriously? Walking is supposed to bring on labor and it did the opposite to me. It completely stopped it. I felt like I was being punked.

But she still had me hooked up to the monitors for over an hour and nothing seemed to be showing up except false contractions. I was having them hard too. It was painful. But after everything was said and done, they sent me home at 4:30am and just told me to come back when I felt real labor or the typical like if my water breaks and so on.

So that was a huge disappointment. I'm really bummed. I can't believe I feel more ready then the baby is. I really thought today would have been the day. The husband and daughter wouldn't stop with the dirty looks and all I kept hearing was "Told you so. The baby isn't ready yet. Stop forcing it."

Everyone was dead tired by that time and we got home around 5:00am. Sucky. I felt like crap, they felt like crap. It was just a crappy night. I shouldn't have gone at all. So now I'm just going to stay home and relax and I guess try to get my mind off this. I need to just let it happen and I can't understand why my mind and body won't do that. It's good to just relax and enjoy the time before the baby but I don't know why I can't.

So I'm trying to clean and do what I can aorund the house since I'm starting back at zero with labor.  Sorry, just had to make a rant. But I guess I have to stay positive and remember the longer the baby stays in the better for it and for me.

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