Announcing Our New Baby

Hello guys. I know it's been a while. I have been absent from my real blogging for two weeks now. I have to tell you, it has been a hard, crazy, emotional, happy, depressing, pushing two weeks for me to even start to say the least.
I haven't wanted to stop blogging for that long. I sat and tried to blog so many times, and just couldn't. I was either physically, emotionally, mentally drained or just so busy with all the stuff going on that I never got a post in like I wanted.
I think maybe if I blogged about it, I would have had a better ease of mind but I still had amazing people on Twitter and Facebook who kept in touch through some of my posts and that helped me a lot deal with the issues I had been facing.

So now that things are coming back a bit together, I have some time to tell you all about the first two weeks since having the baby. It will be in separate posts since there is so much to tell but this one is about the happiness of the birth of our baby boy.

This is not the official announcements. I just put this together playing around but thought it was cute 
On November 8th, I turned 39 weeks pregnant and as you saw, I posted my pregnancy update that afternoon. Later that day, we had an early dinner and all laid down as a family for a nap. I woke up around 7:30pm having to pee. I went to the bathroom and something felt funny. I felt this popping and in my mind I felt my water broke.

I don't know what to have expected seeing as my water never broke when I was pregnant with my daughter. So I went into the room and woke up my husband and told him I think it was breaking. He said no, it's probably just in my mind and to try and lay back down. As I was starting to, water started coming down my leg as if I was peeing myself.
I said see, I told you I think it did. And I was freaking out a bit. Then it started coming faster and I'm walking around with a towel in between my legs. He gets our daughter up and dressed and we head to the hospital.

The contractions are two mins apart now and I'm pretty much dying at each one. It was horrible and the longest 20 min drive ever. We finally arrived at the hospital. I'm started to go into bitch pain mode here and getting really irritated by everyone. 

They get me into a room to be looked over. All I keep saying is I want the epidural. That's all I'm screaming. I'm laying on the side grabbing the bed at each contraction yelling and cussing out the nurses, my husband and my daughter. I'm like WTF is taking everyone taking so long for.

They keep saying they are trying to get a room for delivery. I'm checked and am at 5cm dilated. They come back in five mins to check on my progress and I'm now at 10cm dilated  I keep yelling at them I want the epidural. What is taking so long. My husband said it really wasn't even that long yet to me, being in that amount of pain, it seemed like years.

So they finally got me to the delivery room. I'm pretty much dying by this point. I'm literally dying right now. I'm still asking where is the epidural. Of course, with every contraction now {which is now no mins apart just one top of each other} I'm feeling the urge to push and feeling the baby come. I'm even holding with all my might and still feeling the baby come down. I'm yelling at everyone now and not trying to.
I am told that the doctor said if I can hold still enough, they are willing to try for the epidural or I can just go ahead and push.

I know if I would have just pushed, it would have been done a lot sooner because they said the head was already in eye sight view. I said I wanted the epidural. So I sat there and trying hard to hold still while they did it. The nurses were amazed I did it. She said she has never seen a woman take an epidural at 10cm and was able to sit still enough to have it complete.

I honestly don't know how I did either. When I had my daughter, they didn't allow me to have one so I pushed her out all natural. They told me the epidural would only last no more then two hours and probably not even kick in before the baby comes. I told them it's fine. I just wanted something to take the edge off the contractions.

And it did. I never went completely numb. Only my left thigh did. But my left foot and my whole right leg were still movable with feeling. But the contraction pain eased up a lot. They told me in about 30 mins if I didn't feel the need anymore to push, they would go ahead and start me doing it.

So my husband and daughter were allowed in the room and sat with me. The doctor came in and said we were going to start pushing. So my daughter sat beside me more toward the back. There was one nurse holding one leg, my husband holding the other and she told me to push. I pushed four times and in about five mins, the baby was born.

Right Photo: The outside of the hospital
Left Photo: Our room looking down from the eighth floor

It was such a better experience then when I had my daughter all natural. It was horrible. This birth was very relaxing once I got some relief. And then it was over. We had a baby boy and I was happy and exhausted.

Happy mommy, proud daddy, and excited big sister with the new baby
My husband wanted to name the baby after him. So that was that. The baby had a name. I call him "Reg" instead of Reggie Jr. He seemed like the perfect baby. Everything looked great with him. He seemed happy and healthy.
Our little family seemed complete. I finally had my baby in my arms. They told us that we would be going home Saturday and I was happy about that. Then that is when we started noticing some issues.

I'm going to stop the story right there and finish it in another post. I want this one to be a happy one all about my beautiful baby boy. So that is the story of the crazy birth.

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  1. I'm so proud of're such a strong woman and such a wonderful Momma! <3 to you! xoxo

  2. Glad to hear how it went. All the best with everything.

  3. Wow, I went through the same thing with my second son. woke up water broke, and epidural only numbed my legs.

    Anywho, baby Reggie looks handsome. And thanks for sharing your birth story.

  4. Baby boy is beautiful. I have been thinking of you a lot these last two weeks. Not ire what has happened but just want you to know I have been wishing you and your family the best.

  5. Congratulations! He is so beautiful! :)

    On the other hand... you can't stop the story there!!!

    What happened next? :)

    Keeping PLUS in a MINUS World

  6. great story!! so happy he is home now :)

  7. Babies are such blessings. My heart is heavy knowing that you have dealt with some heartache. My prayers are with you and your family.

    I have three wonderful children. I'm not sure what you are dealing with, but one of my babies had some medical issues when he was young. As mamas, we want to protect them and hide them from any pain. The guilt, even though not our faults, can be quite heavy. My love to you....xoxo

  8. Congratulations! He is a perfect and darling little guy! But now you have me in suspense. I do hope everything is alright!

  9. I'm glad to hear that things have quietened down enough for you to manage to write this post up Rebecca, hopefully that's a sure sign that things are on the mend and that everything's alright. Reggie is such a little cutie, he's honestly so adorable and I'm in awe at you for giving birth to him in such a brave and inspired way, you're going to be a wonderful new mother just like you are to Natalya, can't wait to read more about this.

  10. I can't believe how short the time between your water breaking and the birth was! My SIL's 2nd baby took 8-9 hours after the water breaking naturally to be born. Sounds like labor went very well for you. Lucky you were able to get an epidural, as you had planned!

  11. congratulations on the safe arrival of little baby Reg. much love to you and your family!

    xox P

  12. Congratulations! Beautiful baby!

  13. Congrats love!!! Your son is beautiful!!!!!!

  14. Congratulations! I have only had one baby and it had to be induced because he never wanted to leave! But I got the epidural and I really think they are a gift from God. They say babies are gifts from God but I think they really meant babies and epidurals are gifts from God. I also used to say before I became a mom, "omg, I'm dying!" to any little pain. But when I gave birth I honestly was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die. How can one person have that much pain? But I hope that this new baby I have baking is a quicker birth like yours. My first was 21 hours long. This blog post was a cliffhanger that didn't sound good, but I am glad your baby is apparently healthy now. Congrats again!

  15. So glad you were ale to get that epidural! I tell you, it's like world peace in an IV!

  16. Ah brings back painful but good memories!

  17. And now look at him! So cute and amazing. You're an awesome mommy, Rebecca.