thirty-five weeks

Hey everyone!!!! No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth though yes, I have been a bit absent from my blog for an entire week! I don't know how that happened...but it did. But I'm still here. Kicking, breathing and coming back around. Things have been going on and of course, I'm sure my dedicated readers understand. Being big, pregnant, uncomfortable, and having so much going on.... it's been a week of lots and yet, not that much either.
I'm not going to make this long because I know how it can be reading so much info so I'll just try to keep this simple and skip to the important stuff.
I missed my pregnancy update for last week so I'm just going to combine last week and this week together. So today I started week 35 in my pregnancy. That means only 5 more weeks to go! I'm seriously hoping less then that. But five for now.
I've been a bit MIA for the following reasons:
  • I attempted to go back to work last week as most of you know after being out for four weeks due to having an appendectomy done at week 30 in my pregnancy. That didn't go as planned. {the going back to work part}
  • I went back on Monday and it was hard. The sitting, the exhaustion, the was rough.
  • Tuesday I tried again...the day went a bit better except for being exhausted and at the end of the day, I moved wrong and tore open my surgery incision. Lots of pain!
  • Wednesday, I stayed home. Didn't go in. Started feeling very sick, dizzy, numb and burning sensation in the back of my arms, faint spells....{the doctor said I experienced an anxiety attack from stress}. 
  • Thursday, I went to work. The drive was hard. I started getting the numbing sensation back again and got to work ok though. Started feeling really sick, exhausted, and having pains again.
  • Friday, I attempted to go to work.  I got on the interstate and by the first exit I passed, I got off and turned around and went back home. I called my job, got a bit frustrated with them and felt so stressed out, the pain came on way too harsh. I called the doctor to go in for an emergency appointment and they decided to put me on bed rest again due to my wishes.
  • I felt I wasn't ready, I wasn't healing like I should be, I was in so much pain from my incision as well as the false contractions. I've been getting severe sciatic pain now all the time and now throwing up and everyday all day very nauseous.
  • So I've been officially been back on bed rest now for a week and not going back to work until six weeks after the baby is born. So from my due date, that puts me as a return date of December 31st.
So that has been my week last week. This week has just been laying down mostly on the couch, trying to relax and not be up walking as much. Just letting my body grow and heal and getting itself ready to produce a baby soon. I really need my incision to be healed for delivery time. I am terrified of pushing and tearing open the muscles where my appendix used to be. So it needs to get better fast because now that we don't have much longer, it's hard to say when this baby will be born. Though I'm guessing the first week of November is when it will decide to come.

One thing the doctor told me at my appointment today was I gained a wee bit too much weight this week. I added a few extra pounds from the one pound a week rule and so I have to watch it from now on. I'm still in the weight goal requirement. Not that I gained a crazy amount, but never gained more then 2 pounds in a week. So have to watch out a bit better. Though I'm eating healthy, just been super hungry and eating too much I guess.

So here is week 34's photos:

And now here is this week's photo & info:

So two weeks into one. Now here's the survey for week 35 {since I'll just do only the most current week's little update}

How far along? 35 weeks pregnant! (8 months) Baby due November 15
Total weight gain/measurements: I gained 3 pounds since last update {+21 all together}
Size Of Baby: Coconut (about 18 inches long, 5 lbs)

Sleep: Sleeping often and lots of naps yet still always exhausted.
Maternity clothes: Yes. But now that I'm not working, my clothes have been
comfy clothes" and no longer have to dress up and look pretty for work. I'm a bum at home.
Stretch marks? I got a few now but only where my surgery was.
Best moment this week: Having to relax and rest.
Miss anything? I miss being comfortable. Pregnancy this late in the game now is sooo miserable most of the time.
Movement: Yes, lots of pressure I feel from the baby moving around and acting like the part in "Alien" where it pops out of the person's stomach. That's how I feel all the time now.
Cravings?: No, nothing really. However, I can't seem to stop eating this week. All I want is food all the time. Nothing in-particular. Just something.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I just get so nauseous all the time now. Nothing triggers it, it just comes on full force.
Labor signs: Only having lots of cramping, false contractions, sharp pelvic pains.
Symptoms: Lots of sciatic pains everyday and it hurts. Back, stomach, side pains. Nausea, migraines, exhaustion, fainty when I stand for too long....the list kind of just goes on and on.
Belly button in or out? In. But pushing outward a lot more.
Happy or moody most of the time: I've been emotional a lot. Just ready for this to be over.
Baby related purchases?: We haven't made a purchase ourselves yet. I'm excited when we do.
Looking forward to: My daughter's birthday party and shower next week! We finally find out the sex next week and can't wait. And my parents will be here in a few days and I only get to see them twice a year so I'm happy about them coming to visit.

Don't forget to check out the poll at the top on my sidebar to vote what you think the baby's gender is going to be. Can't wait to find out!
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  1. I've missed you on Blogger Rebecca but considering that you're about to be a mother again it's perfectly understandable, we'll all still be here when things quieten down! Your bump is so cute, I can't believe how big you're getting now and how close it is!

  2. I am so glad for an update. It sounds like bed rest was the best option for you. You need to take care of yourself and little one. So exciting that your shower is almost here! Yay!

  3. Hi there! I am a new fan! Found ya on TGIF Blog Hop. Your blog is cute & girlie. Love the cupcakes too. Sorry you are having a rough time. Take it easy mama and remember your health is too important and so is that baby. Work can always wait. Take care of you. I think I am going to join your blog hop as well. Feel better!

  4. Glad that you are back and taking it easy. It takes a while for the body to heal from surgery and on top of that you have contractions and the baby moving around to slow the process. Hopefully, your incision site will be healed by the time you deliver. Get some rest and take care of yourself and the baby!

  5. Aww, you look so great. You seriously don't look like you've gained anything except baby belly.

    So sorry things have been rough but at least you're on bed rest now... Hopefully you'll be all rested and healed for labor. :)

  6. Hey girly! I just wanted to stop over and let you know I've awarded your blog with the Liebster award! More details on this blog post: Congrats!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  7. Oy -- being pregnant is hard enough (physically & emotionally), I can't even imagine having surgery on top of it! Take it easy and enjoy the quiet!

  8. Wow- hope you're doing better now that you're on bed rest! I just announced on my blog that I'm 18 weeks with my first baby...I've really enjoyed following along with your pregnancy. I hope you really can take it easy and have a healthy recovery/delivery!

  9. I'm glad you're able to stay home until after baby comes. I think that pregnant mamas are healthiest when they're not under much stress. Don't fret too much about the weight gain, because as long as you're eating healthy foods, it'll even out sometime. My Dr. told me one month I'd gained too much, then the next that I was underweight. Make up your mind, Dr! Thanks for sharing.