Pinterest-Inspired DIY Air Freshener

So click HERE to add me because I'm totally obsessed with this site now and love looking through all the things. I wish I would have been into this site sooner then just now. 
I've had an account for a while but never did anything with it. Now, I can't stop! It's been what I've been doing now instead of blogging lately.

 So I found a few things that I decided why not try? And so I did!

This first one I don't have a photo of because it kind of is just self explanatory. So I'll use the photo that I got the idea from. My husband tried this the other night and guess what?
Photo Source
So we did this and it seemed to be pretty true. It worked. However, my husband found the batteries and foil kept slipping so I think just a piece of tape to hold them in place will do the trick. But this was an awesome idea. No more searching for AA batteries or going out and buying any. A very genius trick I must say.

So then I decided I wanted to take a project I found on Pinterest and give it a shot of my own. And so I did. I found this simple DIY Home Air Freshener tutorial from this site I pinned and tried it out myself. Here's how it turned out for me:

 The site I got the idea from used a glass jar but I just used a small plastic rubbermaid container and no lid. You can add a lid, foil, fabric, etc if you choose and just poke holes to release the scent. I just kept mine opened.

You will need the following items to make this:
  • Baking Soda {I got mine from the dollar store and all they had was the freezer box kind and I just opened it up to scoop it out}
  • Fragrant Oil {I used Cinnamon Bun Heaven from Bath & Body Works}
  • Small container
Scoop the baking soda and fill container about 1/4th to 1/2 full
Next is to take your fragrance and add some drops right into the baking soda. The original post on Pinterest called for about 8-10 drops. I added a bunch more. I can't tell you how many, but I used about 1/4th of the bottle. Give it that extra scent!
As you can see, I used many, many drops of oil and this is what it looked like.
The next step is super easy, I let my five year old do it for me. Just take a spoon and stir the contents together until well mixed and blended. You will then be able to really start smelling the fragrance come out.
And then that is it! The end result looks like baking soda again. And I just put mine up first in the living room to test it out. We had to leave the house for about an hour for an errand. When we returned, the house smelled amazing. Like cinnamon buns.
So then I took it into the bedroom to test out since there was an odd smell in there. And sure enough, within minutes of leaving the room and coming back, the smell was gone and the cinnamon bun smell had taken over.
So I placed it back in the living room by our front door on an end table and you can really smell it. It makes it smell really nice in here. So I decided to make another one for the bedroom. However, this time, I used another scent from Bath & Body Works. Now the bedroom smells like melon!

This project was a success and so simple, easy, kid friendly, and cheap to do. I already had the oils, I just needed to purchase the dollar box of baking soda. And every now and then, I just give it a bit of a shake to renew the fragrance and voila!

So much better then the toxic chemical air fresheners that cost a ton of money and don't seem to last but one day then you don't notice the scent again. So if you have done this or have done one similar, I would love to hear your take on how it turned out. This one was a success and worked. I was a bit skeptical at first I must admit but was proven wrong.


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  1. I did a whole post on this awhile back. It's really amazing what you learn on Pinterest! I used essential oil instead. Is the frangrance oil you used easy to find and good for your health?

    Check mine out, let me know what you think!

  2. That battery thing is genius, I'd never even thought of that before, I guess you really do learn something new every day, Pinterest is great! I hope things are going good too for you and your family Rebecca.

  3. I LOVE using Pinterest, too! I was late on board for that website, too, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it! That's my favorite place to gather all of my favorite recipes together and I have a whole board of ones I have yet to try. Makes me feel more organized than I ususally am! :o)

  4. You have to link this up to Pinspiration Project tomorrow :)

    And welcome to the world of Pinterest! YAY!

  5. I love Pinterest too! I'll have to add you hun! Have fun on there & it's addicting. :) I will have to try the air freshner diy. I actually found diy project on pinterest to dress up a glass jar. Now I know what I can fill that glass jar with. I think I will post the glass jar project on my blog this weekend. The battery thing w/foil is genius. Have a great day!

  6. I LOVE pinterest! And am now following you on there too! Found you through MMM and am following via GFC. :) Hope you'll come by and follow back if you'd like,

  7. This is so cool! Thanks for the follow back!

  8. Pinterest is amazing! I try not to go on there too much because I will spend hours and hours looking at everything! I am definitely going to try the battery thing - especially with Christmas coming around the corner!

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  10. This is such a great idea, I will have to try it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Hi! New follower from the Naptime Review blog hop. Looking forward to reading more. Love your baby bump :)

    Have a fabulous day.


  12. I'm resisting Pinterest but posts like this make it very difficult. :) I love the idea of a more pure air freshener than you can get in the store, and I like that you can just shake it up a bit to renew the scent.

    I'm visiting again from the Sunday blog hop...just running a bit behind. :)

  13. I didin't know that something like that can work! It'so interesting, I like your blog : )

  14. I love you for trying this out for me. I just bought some oil because they didn't have it in my usual plug in, and only in oil form. Miss you lady. Hope things are going better

  15. Hi there! Okay......I've been obsessed with Pinterest for over a year now, and I created a blog dedicated to it! It's called Pinterest Told Me To. I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and I re-create them with things out of my closet! So fun AND helpful! Check me out at
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  16. I love Pinterest! You can find amazing things on there.

    Thank you for sharing that battery pin. I am going to have to try that!

  17. That's a great idea! Be careful- pinterest can turn on you and suck all your time with her siren song!

  18. Hi Rebecca! I know you're probably TERRIBLY busy with everything you have going on, but I just wanted to make sure you know I nominated your blog for the Liebster award! More details on this post: Congrats!

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  19. The battery idea is genius....thanks for sharing. I just might have to try this air freshener trick!

  20. Okay so I totally have to try that battery thing - is that nerdy of me that I'm excited?

    Thank you for linking up with us :) Hope to see you again soon on TPP. Welcome to the obsession that is Pinterest!