And So It Begins.... - xoxo Rebecca

And So It Begins....

Hey guys, you may not be hearing from me as much at least for now. As of yesterday early morning, I started the official process of labor. Well, I believe it officially started Friday but we did not have it confirmed until Saturday early morning when we went to the hospital.

As of yesterday, I am 1 cm {going on 2 cm} dilated and having contractions. They showed up on the monitor yet were too irregular yet for anything. The nurse said that some were really close together and then others were a bit too far apart.

The nurse told me that she honestly does not think I will make it to November {my due date is Nov 15} so we may be having a baby by Wednesday or earlier! I think it would be cool to have a Halloween baby! But I'm really hoping the baby stays in there at least til Thursday {Nov 1} but we shall see.

All day Friday I was having such horrible pains and contractions. Front and back ones. They were killing me. I felt as if I was dying, literally. And then my husband decided that he thought it was time to get to the hospital. It was around 1:30am Saturday we left the house to go. So of course, I was hooked up to everything to monitor the heart beat as well as the contractions and after 30 mins of being on the monitors, that's when the nurse came in and told me the statistics.

I was then sent home and spent all day yesterday literally sleeping and being in so much pain. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. It really sucked bad. So after getting lots of rest, today I feel a lot better. So much more like myself though I have been having slight contractions on and off so far today.

That Friday Blog Hop link-up will continue to run as normal since it is pre-scheduled. So everyone can still continue to link up and get the most out of finding great blogs as well as being found. But as far as posts, I may or may not be on as much until the baby comes. So bare with me :) Life is changing really fast for us at the moment and just trying to deal with it all. I feel there is so much to get done still and not feeling well, it's so hard to do it. Everyone is so exhausted around here from doing everything for me that nothing seems to be getting done LOL.

But I will try to keep up with things and just let life go with the flow! Thanks to everyone who has been such a great friend to me. I'm hoping to post some good news soon and new baby photos once he arrives!  And for those of you who follow my blog a lot, you can see I changed up the layout again. I loved the other one but just wanted a new change. So I found this one and trying it out. I'm changing up the button too. Trying to get that done while I'm still feeling up to being up on the computer.