And The Gender Is .... - xoxo Rebecca

And The Gender Is ....

So this past Sunday was our big Gender Reveal Shower. It was fun but boy was I tired. Stayed up all night helping my friend and sister-in-law finish up everything. I think we only got about three hours of sleep before getting up again and putting the finishing touches together. 

It was held at my house where there were fourteen people. That's a lot considering my place is super tiny. But we all survived. I wish I had been looking better that day. I looked exhausted and like a hot mess. But the show still went on. Here's photos from the party and the big excitement to reveal what we were having. Was it another girl or were we having a boy? 

The really cute invite my best friend created. I whited out phone numbers and addresses.

The adorable banner she made me as well. He Or She? What Will It Be?

The cake & candy bar setting. Pink & blue streamers, balloons, and pom poms.

The veggie/meat platter table

Hand painted Hersey Bars "HE" and "SHE". Yes, I hand painted over the letters myself

Mustache & Bow Straws. People got to choose which one they thought the baby would be.

The children's activity during the shower.
My mom helping the kids make their own Lego crayons.

The very cute cake. Inside holds what the baby will be!

Cutting into the cake to see!

And it's BLUE! We are having a.....

We played lots of games at the shower and I got some really nice gifts! I don't have photos though at the moment of that. But in another post, I'll have to show off the awesome gifts I got.
But here was the last activity we did. I have everyone color on sandpaper with crayons an image for a onesie. Then I am going to iron-on the images and have a super cute onesie for the baby to wear and of course, it was made by special people in my life. I got the idea HERE. These were just a few of the many designs I have to sit and iron-on.

At the end of the shower, I had each guest fill one of these containers with all different kinds of candy to take home from the Candy Bar we had set-up. There were six different types to choose from. This was just an entire container of M&Ms I had leftover after the party.

So here was the ultrasound photo that was included in the envelope to give to the cake baker. It says it's a boy and so that's what it seems to be. I also now just tried the Chinese Gender Prediction chart and it says a boy as well. Has anyone else done this and it turned out to be true?

So this was the final count from the poll I talked about weekly that was on my sidebar and mentioned in my pregnancy updates. It ended up to 100 votes and looks like the underdog won. 43 people were right!

This photo was taken a few days before the shower but I really like it. Me and the husband excited about the new addition that will be coming soon.


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