Wordless Wednesday - Braid - xoxo Rebecca

Wordless Wednesday - Braid

WEDNESDAY 09.26.12
I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday post in forever. I haven't really been out to take any interesting photos. So you guys will have to settle for this one. 
Since being on "bed-rest", my daughter loves to sit here and play with my hair. 

Now, if you have ever had a little kid brush and mess with your hair you know it either comes in three ways:
  1. They either slam your head with the freakin brush so hard it gives you a migraine before they can even begin.
  2. They brush so hard and pull out all your hair. Feels like your scalp is bleeding.
  3. Or it can actually feel pretty good when they finally get all the knots out.
Well, she does all three of those. But being five years old, she learned to braid a few months ago and loves to do it now every chance she can to my hair. So this is my hair at this exact moment from my daughter playing "beauty salon" with me. 
So here's a shot of my lovely braid she did in my hair. I must say, not too bad for a five year old.

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