What I Did This Weekend

MONDAY 09.17.12
And what a weekend it has been. I guess not all that exciting seeing as I'm still on bedrest/recovery mode. I'm still very limited to everything and anything. I want to start off saying that Friday marked mine and the husband's 11th year together. Back on September 14th, 2001 we first met at a college party and hit it off from that night forward. We were "seeing" each other but not dating. I don't care. I say we have been together since that first night we met at that party.
 For those who love reading about things like that, I'll just tell you for the heck of it. I was 19 years old and a freshman in college. I just moved 1000 miles away from my family to go to college in Florida and a month later on Sept 14th, a hurricane hit. School was cancelled, power was out, flooding occurred really bad. I was dragged out by my sorority sisters to a hurricane party {yes, there is actually such a thing}. This hurricane party was insane though. It was a huge off campus house party full of drunks. Just your typical college party except during a hurricane.

I saw him, he never saw me. I asked his name to one of my sorority sisters and they all replied the same thing. I asked does he have a girlfriend? They all said they didn't think so seeing they never saw him around campus with one. So I was like.... ok, he's really cute, I am too shy to make my move. So one girl's boyfriend said he would go over and talk to him for me. I was so nervous. But I agreed. I nervously watched  as he pointed me out and I thought he would completely shoot me down and ignore me. I was stunned when he came over to talk to me.

We left the party together, walking and talking. I went to his room, he came to mine.....we hit it off instantly and have been together ever since. Eleven years later.... we have been married now for three {almost four years} and have one child and one on the way. Our relationship has been rocky at times, miserable at times, happy at times, and we still seemed to be able to pull through.
Look at us...oh young love. So young, so sweet, so fresh, and so new. We did so much together going so many places and enjoying our college years!

So yea, eleven years together. Seems a bit crazy I must say. I'm curious to know how long you have known your significant other?
And moving on away from the sappy love crap, something excited that happened this weekend was we got our second baby gift in the mail. My parents were nice enough to purchase some much needed baby gear for us and ship it to the house. We chose the stroller but they just out of the blue picked out and bought the pack-n-play as well.

Since it's still in boxes, I'm just taking the photos from websites. I'll post real photos once the husband puts it all together and do it in one of my pregnancy updates. But here is what we received:

I love this pattern. I think it's a great neutral color scheme. So if we end up having a little girl, just adding some pink blankets and stuff will be perfect. We went with a very similar color scheme and pattern for our daughter when she was a baby.

I can't wait to see it all set up out of the box! We have never used Graco before. With our daughter, everything was BabyTrend and we loved them. So this time around we are trying something new and hopefully like them as much as the last brand.
And I guess onto the last thing of discussion. My progress on my surgery recovery.Things are going well. I'm up walking all on my own now without needing any assistance or something to lean on. I can stand now for about two minutes until I feel I need a break. Either from some side pain or my back which hurts very bad when I'm standing. I have been able to bend over slightly and have been really trying to use my knees to do so.

I also have taken a shower now unassisted except I still need my husband to wash my back and legs because I can't bend that far down. He has pushed me a lot this weekend to be up and moving. So i attempted to pick up the house a bit, I went up and down the stairs, I have done a few loads of laundry {with my daughter's help} and I did the dishes tonight.

My wound still hurts but Friday I went to the surgeon and they removed the staples and since then, I've been able to move more without as much pain. Though getting the staples out I was a complete mess and terrified. It hurt a little yes, but not as bad as I was dreading.

However, seems now though once one thing starts to look up something else arises. So I developed the most unusual rash that has spread and I thought I was having a reaction to the antibiotics. The rash is so horribly miserable that I can't sleep at night from the pain. So I called the doctors this morning and they had me come in right away. I've never had a rash or reaction before. All of a sudden, my smooth pregnancy has turned into one disaster after another.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. My weekends aren't very exciting anyway, but since being at home recovering, I figured why not blog about this one :0) Have a good evening everyone!

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  1. I hope your rash heals up soon!! I am glad you are recovering from the surgery well :)

  2. Cool baby gift ur parents rock.so relationships well be 4 yrs in october married 3in dec. & bun in the oven in jan. i got baby some toys and stuff at reruns a pretty cool consignment shop opens twice a year here.

  3. I've known my hubby for 10 years and we've been married for 9 1/2 we moved fast :-) I love the baby gear you got! It looks perfect, if I didn't already have a set I might be a little jealous!

    I am sorry you are have a hard time with surgery and such. I need to go back and read what kind of surgery you had. I had surgery last week and am just getting back into the swing of things and it wasn't a major surgery at all. I hope you feel better soon take care.

  4. This post definitely wasn't "sappy love crap," Rebecca, it was a beautiful story, especially how it was almost love at first sight for you guys, eleven years of being married is a huge sign for how deeply in love you guys are and hopefully it continues for a very long time. Like you say you guys have been through a lot but you keep fighting for each other and for your little girl and that's a sign of true love that I could only hope to have with a girl some day.

    I love the baby update too though I'm sorry to hear things are still uncomfortable, hopefully you'll heal up for soon in preparation for the new baby.

  5. Glad you are on the up and up, slowly. What cute gifts from your parents! How exciting!! And I love how you two met, so fun.


  6. Happy anniversary! That's such a cute pic of you two. :)

    Adorable baby gear!! Almost all of our stuff is Graco.

  7. What a cute story you two have! Hubby and I have been together for 12 years (married for 4)

    P.s.we got the same stroller and carseat combo. I absolutely love it!