thirty-one weeks

THURSDAY 09.13.12

Hello World! Well, today is the 31 week mark in my pregnancy. Only 9 weeks to go now. Not that much longer. And I'm ready. I am so ready. But I'm utterly terrified now. I wasn't before but now I am.

I spoke to my doctor about the possibilities of an epidural. I needed to know what it was all about and how it went down. I was deeply terrified of them so I had my daughter in my first pregnancy 100% all natural before, during, and after. And I must say, I never want to go through a natural childbirth again. I did it once, I don't think I could again.
So I spoke to him about my fears. I had heard nothing but horror stories from people saying things like you can easily be paralyzed permanently, you have back problems for the rest of your life, they do it wrong and have to do it several times, you hear popping sounds, the list actually goes on and on about all the horror stories I have been told by people.

However, during my surgery last week, they had me endure a spinal tap and that scared the shit out of me. But I made it out alive I am confident now I would be ok with getting an epidural for this delivery. However, me and the husband don't see eye to eye on this. He is against it and wants me to have an all natural birth again. So we go back and forth about it.

The reason he's not liking the idea is because if you guys remember, last week I was in emergency surgery for an almost exploding appendix at 30 weeks pregnant. You can read my scary story HERE about how crazy and unexpected it was. And because I was on meds and stuff {which we are the type to be against medication, vaccines, etc}, he doesn't want me to take anything else or have anything else because so much was pumped into my system last week at the hospital. Which I feel the same way but I would like to not have to go through another childbirth naturally again.

So since I was in the hospital all last week, I couldn't do a 30 week update so I'm skipping to this week. So it's been two weeks since you guys have had an update from me. Let me just give you an update on how I'm doing since surgery. I have finally been able to get up off the couch without assistance. I have walked almost unassisted around the house, gone to the bathroom all by myself. Though after about being up for about 30 seconds, I have to stop and lean again things or grab something to put my weight onto. The weight of my belly pulling on the staples starts to really burn. I'm getting the staples out tomorrow. Dreading that.
I took a shower almost today all by myself. I have to lean against the wall though for balance and I still cannot bend to wash my back nor my legs so I need assistance with that. But I'm a lot better then I was last week, that's for sure.

I had a doctor's appointment today for the baby. The heartbeat is still sounds good. Baby seems to be measuring good. From the ultrasound at my surgery visit, the baby is now exactly 3 pounds and 16 inches long. So staying at the normal growth rate. Not too big, not too small...he or she is just perfect!
My next appointment I have an ultrasound! I love those. Can't wait to see baby again! I did find out the baby has turned now and is head down.

A few exciting things have happened since my last pregnancy update. One: My best friend {who is also the host of my gender reveal shower} came up over Labor Day weekend and we went and she bought a bunch of stuff for the shower. I have been finding more and more ideas and things on what to do for decorations and crafts. I think this will be a beautiful shower and I can't wait!
And two: We got our first baby gift this week. So exciting. Since I have been out of work, one of my co-workers bought me a gift and it was brought to the house. I was so happy and excited. Our baby's first gift! Here is a photo of what we received:
How far along? 31 weeks pregnant! (7 months) Baby due November 15
Total weight gain/measurements: I lost 3 pounds since last update {+14 all together}
Size Of Baby: Pineapple (16 inches long, 3 lbs)

Sleep: Sleep has really sucked since surgery. I'm up all hours because of the crazy hours I have to set my alarm to wake up to take the meds {antibiotics}
Maternity clothes: Mostly wearing all maternity dresses now. Still blazing hot outside.
Stretch marks? It looks like I finally got a few. I think some are from my surgery too.
Best moment this week: Receiving our very first baby gift.
Miss anything? Just being pregnant and not having to have surgery last week. Recovery has sucked and painful.
Movement: Since the surgery, I have actually felt the baby a lot more. It seems to only want to kick me where my appendix used to be which is really painful.
Cravings?: Still haven't had any.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Just some smells.
Labor signs: Not at all. They checked my cervix and it is hard and 3cm long. Baby isn't coming anytime soon.
Symptoms: No pregnancy symptoms that I can tell. All surgery related pain has taken over.
Belly button in or out? In. I've never been an outtie even while pregnant.
Happy or moody most of the time: Well, miserable. Until I feel better. Had some really happy moments this week though.
Baby related purchases?: We haven't made a purchase ourselves yet. I'm excited when we do.
Looking forward to: My 33 week ultrasound. I can't wait to see little baby bean again. And of course when I'm feeling back to myself again and can really move and do normal stuff without screaming in pain.

Don't forget to check out the poll at the top on my sidebar to vote what you think the baby's gender is going to be. Can't wait to find out!

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  1. The bump is definitely coming along now Rebecca, won't be too long until your next new arrival is here! Great post, I'm glad things are at least partially on the mend now!

  2. Glad that you are feeling better and recovering.

  3. I don't think the epidural gets into your baby's system. Maybe talking to the doctor about it will help ease your husband's fears about it? When I got mine, it was after 24 hours into an induction, and I just couldn't take the pain anymore. It was instant pain relief and only took a minute for them to set it up. I honestly had no problems with it except being paralyzed freaked me out. And Kaylee was born healthy and alert, scored perfect on the Apgar test, and breastfed right away. The horror stories about it are glorified and the main problem with it is it can stall labor, especially if you get it too early and/or it's a first birth. That's just my take on it though. Well good luck, I hope you can decide on a birth plan you both agree on! I know it can be tough, my husband and I disagreed on whether to have the baby in the hospital or birth center, which procedures to do right after birth, etc.

  4. Gosh it must be so exciting - (can you tell I'm slightly broody every now and then *sighs).

    Is it wrong that I now want to think your baby has spiky hair like a pineapple o.0


  5. By the way, I just have to say that outfit is TOO ADORABLE!

  6. I had to have an epidural. I was overdue and had to be induced. The pictocin gave me super intense contractions, back contraction that were awful. I pulled a back muscle a few years ago and have an issue with the muscles in my back hip, they had to poke me three times to find a spot that didnt irritate it. There was no popping noise and no ill side effects. Dont listen to all the horror stories!

    I do warn you though (and you never hear about this), after the epi, you cant control your farts...I kept having popcorn farts that I had to apologize embarrassing.

  7. An exploding appendix sounds terrifying while pregnant! I can't even imagine. I hope you are starting to feel better. I had my appendix out a few years ago and recovery was tough...and I wasn't even pregnant! Stopping by from Mommy Moments!

  8. Oh my goodness, you have been through it the last few weeks haven't you! I hope you have a SMOOTH rest of your pregnancy <3

  9. e-mail me and let's talk epidural - I was TERRIFIED of one and got all the facts...things that can/can't happen during an epidural. if ya have time and wanna give me a shout, please do! we can chat about this :)

  10. I had an epidural too, and it was wonderful - the only weird thing was a feeling "like someone was tapping my bone with a pencil" (that's how my anesthesiologist described it) and after that everything was so much better! I did have a hot spot where I still felt pain in one section of my back, but it wasn't bad, and I actually liked it because it helped me know when I was having a contraction when it came time to push. My son had no problems at all after he was born either, and the epidural actually sped up my labor - I went from a 6 to a 10 immediately after I got it. I read that as long as you get it after you've reached 5 cm it'll most likely help speed things up - it slows labor down more often if you get it before 5 cm. In the end though I was glad I got it, it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable for me!

  11. Congrats!! You look gorgeous pregnant. I'm sure though you are ready for the bun to come out of the oven! Not too much longer!

  12. Love those belly pictures. You've got a great shape. So glad you're able to shower & enjoy that "me" time, nevermind how short it might be. I hope that you and your husband are able to make a final agreed joint decision about the birth soon. It'll make the upcoming birthday a lot more peaceful, and as you know, in labor, you need all the peace you can get!