Sunday Confessions {The Mommy Series}

SUNDAY 09.09.12

Hey guys, I know a lot of you had seen my post the other day about my adventures in surgery with appendicitis while at 30 weeks pregnant now. I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful and kind words. It has been 48 hours now since I was released and recovering at home. It has been a bit hard, pretty painful, but I'm doing so much better tonight then I have in the past 24 hours and before. I'll probably do a catch up post on how recovery is going tomorrow.

I found a new blog hop to participate in and decided to mash two posts together on a topic I was going to write about anyway. So I think this kind of fits into place.

{my confessions on what I miss before becoming a mother}
Now of course, every mother knows that having a child is a wonderful thing and it's something I wouldn't trade for the world. I love my daughter so much it's crazy to feel so much love and closeness to another human being. And now with another one on the way, I know my heart will grow even more. However, these are my confessions on what I miss about being just a non-responsible adult. The life I used to know long ago it seems like. 
I confess I miss having no responsibilities. Not having to worry about anyone but me. Not having to have my heart stop at the thought of a fall, cut, scrap or bruise. Not having to keep an eye at all times on what and where my child is.

I confess I miss having alone time with my husband. We have not had a date night or a night alone without our daughter being in the same place since she was born {which she will be 6 years old next month}. We don't' believe in babysitters or anyone watching her so date nights haven't been very do-able. We used to go to the movies every Friday and spend money going out to eat and dressing up really nice and always going to the theme parks. Stay up all night. There are times where I wish we had that again some days.

I confess I miss not getting in trouble for using bad words. LOL My daughter always catches me and does the finger point and goes and tells on me that I'm saying bad words. I have such a potty mouth. I can't hep it. I try though. Honest I do.

I confess I really miss being able to watch whatever I want to. I love horror movies and tv shows that aren't appropriate for children. So I don't get to just watch tv or a movie when I want. I normally have to try and stay up late after bedtime to finally get something in I've been waiting to see. Which almost always never works since I fall asleep with her. Or I have to be up early in the morning for work so getting sleep is more important then falling asleep at work the next day.

I confess I miss having extra money to spend on random crap I don't need but just want. Going and buying a new outfit just cause or splurge on the new makeup collection for the season. I need new makeup. Mine is out dated I'm sure.

I confess I miss not having any privacy. Most nights my husband sleeps on the couch and me and my daughter in the bedroom. I can't wait til we move into our new place and she has a room all to herself and then he won't have to be on the couch. Though I know he doesn't mind cause the couch is really comfortable. I love sleeping on it myself.

I confess I miss sleeping in. Not being woken up to a child crying because she had a nightmare and then on my days off, she wants to be up at 6:00am just cause Spongebob is on and she wants me to watch it with her.

Even though there are so many things that I can't do anymore now that I'm a mommy, I still love being a mommy. I don't' think I ever gave up my youth or lost anything. She is my world and every now and then we all want a break and do things we used to be able to do. Giving up things is just what being a parent is all about. And when she tells me everyday how I'm the "bestest mommy in the world", it makes everything wrong right again. I would rather give up my past to be her future then to give up on her. I don't ever want to let her down or the new little one on the way.

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  1. I found you on the GFC Hop and wanted to let you know I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you could stop by my blog and check it out. I'm having a link up today that's really special and close to my heart. It would be awesome if you could participate! Hope you're having a fantastic day!


  2. I think it's only natural to miss a whole lot of things Rebecca so don't feel too bad. I loved the thing about your daughter calling you out on swearing haha. It's pretty interesting that you've never had a date night alone with your husband, it's sweet that she's there all the time I suppose but I understand that you must miss a lot of things.

  3. I miss all this too and I'm only a part time mom as an au pair! Being a mom is the most selfless thing you can do, so don't feel bad for missing any of that!

  4. I hear you on the first point... always having the niggling worry in the background about my children's welfare, instead of only thinking about myself. People keep telling me it never goes away either, and that I'll still be worrying about my boys when they are grown up with families of their own!

    Found you on the Monday Mingle - hope you'll come by my blog and say hi (and maybe return the follow!).


  5. It's good to be honest! I'm sure there are PLENTY of things I'll miss about not having kids once they come along, so I'm trying to enjoy them all now! I think kids make that alone time so much more special, though, once you do actually get some without them around!

    Thanks for linking up!!