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Onesie Cupcakes

Today I got to get out and go to a friend's baby shower. I did not get up once during the entire time there. Everyone was nice to bring me things and do things for me while I was there so I wouldn't hurt my side. But I made a super cute gift for her.
This was my first time making these but I knew they wouldn't be hard at all. They seemed so simple and I was right. So I decided to share with you how I went about doing these. They turned out not too shabby for my first attempt.

  • Pack of onesies {I used only four}
  • Small cupcake box
  • Cupcake baking cups
  • Small fake flowers
  • Fabric tote as a gift bag
  • Hang tag
  • Clear tape
  • Choice of ribbon {as you can see, I had a ton to choose from}

  • So the end result I was very happy with. And it was super easy, inexpensive, fun, creative, and not to mention a hit at the shower! Everyone loved them. Which I was happy about that my gift was the talk of the party :) I can't wait to do more of these!
    And the baby that will be coming soon whom I made these for? Her name is going to be:
    In honor of the grandmother. How sweet, huh?
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    The New Scarf

    I have to say, I really find these giveaways a bit fun. I love knowing I have won something. Especially something handmade. Those are the best I think. My first win was a Starbucks giftcard which I gave to my mom. I know she really loved that. The second was some cool homemade pens that I am still currently waiting on. Then I won this awesome little bracelet from Jessica which was adorable. And now, I just received a few days ago this amazing scarf as well.
    It's perfect. The color is perfect, the length, and knits are all perfect. I love this. My daughter does too. She likes to put it on as well. So big thanks to Sara from Mommy Summers for this. Sara currently has these for sale in different colors on her shop. Click on her button to go visit her blog as well. 

    Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hop {co-host}

    I'm a guest co-host for another blog hop going on today. So many this week. It's an honor actually. So go ahead, join, in, link up, spread the love!

    Welcome to the fifty second weekend of Lovin' the Weekend Blog Hops.

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    Her blog is quite new and I'm sure she would love some followers. Here's what she has to say:
    "My name is Rebecca and my blog is called “Let Them Eat Cake”. Yet, the name isn’t about my personal food choice. I actually dislike cake very much. The name is inspired from my obsession of Marie Antoinette. The famous quote she is known for yet never actually said in real life. Still, off with their heads, right?
    My blog is all about things here and there. I have been blogging a lot lately about pregnancy since I am currently pregnant with our second child due in November. So a lot of my posts have been about that subject, especially lately. I started blogging originally as a diary type thing. To just let everything out. Then I just started different blogs and gave up for a while. I then started this blog the end of 2010 and thought maybe I could really get into what “blogging” was all about. And I learned then how to become a follower as well as gain followers and learned how to grow in this blogging community and I love it. I’m actually addicted to blogging and stuff now. I love reading and connecting with other’s blogs too. I wish I started doing this a lot sooner then I did."

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    thirty-three weeks

    Today is my 33 week update! Yea. That means only seven weeks to go. Time is getting closer and for the first time, it feels like the time is picking up and going faster then it has. I feel, it has been a long pregnancy and I like that the weeks feel like they are going by a bit faster now toward the end. Seven weeks..gosh! I'm excited and scared.

    I still have this huge feeling the baby will make it's arrival in about five weeks. My daughter was two weeks early and with the surgery, I just feel it has sped up the process. But it's so out of anyone's hands that who knows what will happen or when he/she will decide it's time to be born.

    I'm being released back to work on Monday. So crazy.... my last day of work was August 31st and I go back to work October 1st. So for the entire month of September, I was home. How crazy does that seem? Recovery sure took a bit longer then I originally thought or wanted. But after having surgery, I realized it now didn't even seem like long enough. But when I go back, I'll be working for a few more weeks then back out again when the baby arrives for at least six weeks.

    Here is the weekly update:

     And of course the belly photo. This is the first time I'm putting my incision on my blog. It looks tons better and not as gross then it has. It finally has started to heal up well within just the past few days. Believe me, it looked so much bigger, grosser, and all red and nasty before.

    So as you can see, the site is still bruised but looks 1000% better then before. The doctor told me that just from Monday to today, there has been a massive improvement in the healing. It finally came together being uncovered from under those bandages and with me pretty much sitting or laying all day and night, not as much pulling and stretching was done to it.

    So he said I'll be pretty good for going back to work on Monday. I have noticed a vast improvement in the pain as well. Walking isn't as horrible or as painful today. Still feel some, but it's gotten a lot better. I have started to get sciatic pain. I explained my symptoms to the doctor and that's what it is in my back now. Joy! But it doesn't last long at all so it's ok for now.

    Well, I had an ultrasound today as well. The technician said the baby is was a very difficult position and hard to get the measurements she needed to. The baby is big now and so no more room is left. it's all squishy in there. So I outlined one of the photos we got so you can see a bit better of the baby.
    During the ultrasound, the baby had it's mouth wide open for the rest of the photos which was funny. And as you can see, I got a good photo with it's heart in there. The baby now weighs exactly 4 pounds and one ounce. So a bit smaller then what the updates on the pregnancy sites say. But the doctor says that's a great weight for it right now.

    And the heartbeat was a lot lower today. The lowest it has ever been. It was at 130 bpm and normally it's 150. But they said that is still a good rate and no concern for anything. So maybe it was just asleep because it didn't move, just had it's mouth wide open. After the visit, it started moving. Also something else funny, it's heart is directly on my belly button. So it felt funny during the ultrasound to have the tech press so hard on my belly button. And she had to avoid my incision which made it difficult to get things as well.

    My next appointment is at 35 weeks and then after that, I will be going once a week. Though I have been going weekly this month but for surgery related things. So I'm getting anxious and nervous and excited. Plus, only three weeks now until my shower! Can't wait.

    How far along? 33 weeks pregnant! (8 months) Baby due November 15
    Total weight gain/measurements: I gained 1 pound since last update {+18 all together}
    Size Of Baby: Durian Fruit (about 17 inches long, 4.1 lbs)

    Sleep: Getting some  decent sleep here finally.
    Maternity clothes: You bet your ass I am. I love them.
    Stretch marks? I got a few now but only where my surgery was.
    Best moment this week: Getting one more week off of work to recovery.
    Miss anything? Not being fully back to myself yet.
    Movement: Since the surgery, I have actually felt the baby a lot more. He/she has these "rolling" or "pressure" movements I feel a lot now.
    Cravings?: No, nothing really. However, I can't seem to stop eating this week. All I want is food all the time. Nothing in-particular. Just something.
    Anything making you queasy or sick? I smelled a hot dog today and almost barfed.
    Labor signs: Not at all. Baby isn't coming anytime soon. Cervix is still 100% closed.
    Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions a lot more lately and sciatic pains.
    Belly button in or out? In. But pushing outward more.
    Happy or moody most of the time: It was a pretty stressful beginning of the week. Cried a lot. Doing better but I'm extremely emotional lately.
    Baby related purchases?: We haven't made a purchase ourselves yet. I'm excited when we do.
    Looking forward to: My daughter's birthday party and shower coming up next month.

    Don't forget to check out the poll at the top on my sidebar to vote what you think the baby's gender is going to be. Can't wait to find out!

    The Life Of FaithJellibean Journals

    That Friday Blog Hop {63}

    THURSDAY 09.27.12
    Welcome to the new That Friday Blog Hop.
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    No-Reply Bloggers & CAPTCHA

    I know that so many bloggers out there have created one of these posts. And this has been a long time coming for me. I have been thinking about a post like this for a while. So I decided it was time.

    I know why people decide to use captchas. However, it seriously puts a damper when wanting to leave a comment. So much to the point that if I can't get the damn thing within three tries, I just leave the blog. I hate doing that cause I want to comment, but I just hate figuring out what the crap those letters are. Not all are horrible Some are pretty simple while some, no matter what, it just isn't working. So in my personal opinion, say no to captchas!

    The next thing is the no-reply bloggers. I know we all love getting comments and sometimes, it's just nice to reply back to what someone has written or address a question they ask. But of course, I find it difficult and also a bit frustrating when I go to type up my response and it can't be sent.

    So of course, some people prefer to stay as a no-reply blogger and that is fine. But if you want to learn how to turn your account to one where you can get replies back to comments you have left, here is some simple steps:

    *Well I was in a hurry and spelled "scroll" wrong... sorry about that. You know what I meant*

    And then that is it. I believe blogger defaults to no-reply and you have to manually change it this way yourself. At least that is how it was when I started. Having your email show is just a lot easier to get replies and having a way of communication back and forth. 

    Wordless Wednesday - Braid

    WEDNESDAY 09.26.12
    I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday post in forever. I haven't really been out to take any interesting photos. So you guys will have to settle for this one. 
    Since being on "bed-rest", my daughter loves to sit here and play with my hair. 

    Now, if you have ever had a little kid brush and mess with your hair you know it either comes in three ways:
    1. They either slam your head with the freakin brush so hard it gives you a migraine before they can even begin.
    2. They brush so hard and pull out all your hair. Feels like your scalp is bleeding.
    3. Or it can actually feel pretty good when they finally get all the knots out.
    Well, she does all three of those. But being five years old, she learned to braid a few months ago and loves to do it now every chance she can to my hair. So this is my hair at this exact moment from my daughter playing "beauty salon" with me. 
    So here's a shot of my lovely braid she did in my hair. I must say, not too bad for a five year old.

    So I'm linking up with these blogs for Wordless Wednesday:

    Damn Damn Damn Damn

    WEDNESDAY 09.26.12
    Oh yea, it's one of those posts...LOL....
    Oh where to begin. I was considering saving this for my pregnancy update on Thursday but I decided I'll just post it now.
    Well, Monday was supposed to be my first day back to work since my surgery on the fourth of this month. I pushed myself hard to get mentally and physically prepared over this past weekend. But part of me still didn't feel ready. I felt it was still too soon because I noticed a few things:
    • I attempted to drive to myself to the library and Target and by the time I got through our door at home, I was literally in tears, couldn't walk, hunched over in the worst possible pain ever. I was grabbing the counter for my life trying not to fall over from the pain.
    • I attempted to give my daughter a shower and bending down to wash her up felt like a nightmare. The muscles felt like I pulled them too hard though I thought I was being the most careful.
    • If I was up for more then five minutes, I felt something was wrong. I would get into this pain mode and knew it was too early to be up this much. Even though I told the surgeon I could do it.
    But regardless of all this, I still prepared myself for my first day back to work. It didn't happen......
    Instead, I got a bit of a scare which lead me out of work again.
    Sunday night, I noticed after using the bathroom and an extremely stressful day {really bad stressful....the worst fight with the husband yet. It was super bad}, I noticed I was beleeding.
    I freaked out. How could this be? I have never once even the slightest have had this happen through the whole pregnancy.

    So naturally I started to really go into panic mode. The husband tried to tell me it was nothing and go to bed and see what happens in the morning. It was late and I was like, great, I have to get up in five hours for work and now I am never going to be able to sleep. And I didn't. I was awake the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning the blood was still there. I tried calling the hospital because they are the emergency line for my doctor's office and it was too early in the morning for my doctor's office to be opened. I waited and waited for them to get a hold of a doctor but no luck. So I called my job and told them the situation and they told me it sounds like I need to not even come back for at least another week.

    I called my mom and she thought by all the signs with the horrible contraction like pain, the back pain and what-not and the bleeding...I'm going into labor. And honestly, I really hoped I was. I am so ready for this to be done with now.

    Finally getting a hold of my doctor they wanted me to come in. So I did and they checked me out. The bleeding had stopped and no sign of that the doctor could see from the exam. He said my cervix is still 100% closed so no sign of baby coming. I was just experiencing false contractions and the bleeding was from tissue being irritated and softened.

    There is a concern. And it has to do with my surgery incision. He removed the rest of the bandages now so it was all exposed. I haven't had it exposed yet. So it's freaking me out how gross it is. But I was stressed to hear it's not healing like it should. It's still open and that's not good.
    It's not healing because when I stand up and when I'm walking, my stomach is so big and so heavy, the baby's weight pulls down on it, making it impossible for it to come together. He said this could cause a bad infection which we do not want at all.

    So also all those pains I have been getting from walking was also tearing open the incision. Joy! Not..... not fun at all. This really sucks. So I go Thursday for another check up to see how I am healing now with everything exposed and if it looks better or not. If not, then he will send me back over to the surgeon for further evaluation on what they want to do. I'm hoping it doesn't get that bad. That really scares me.

    With the baby punching away as well, its not helping the pain nor the healing. Seriously people, having surgery toward the end of your pregnancy sucks totally bad. Especially when they have to cut you right next to the baby. So I am on strict bed rest the rest of this week only getting up when necessary to get this sucker to heal and no pressure pulling on it. Though, even when I'm laying down trying to get comfortable, it still pulls and I feel it and I hate it. I can't avoid it and that really kills me.

    So as of right now, I'm scheduled to go back to work October 1st. Though it scares me still. We just have to see how Thursday goes. I'm having an ultrasound done to check baby which I love. I'll be 33 weeks so seven more to go. I'm just really wanting them to have this baby born now. I'm so over all this mess. September has not been a good month to me. Nothing ever went wrong until September hit. Now, it's turned me into this mess...blah...damn you September.

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    Follow Me Wednesday {co-host}

    WEDNESDAY 09.26.12

    Again, I'm here co-hosting another blog hop! Seriously, this has been a strange week. Blog hops have followed me apparently. But I guess that just means my blog has lots of love huh? So join in this one too as well!

    Welcome to Follow Me Wednesday Blog Hop!
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    Hump Day Blog Hop {co-host}

    TUESDAY 09.25.12
    I'm co-hosting another blog hop this week. Such a busy hopping week, isn't it? It's exciting though because there are thousands of blogs out there that I'm happy to discover. So join in and participate and have a blast!


    Happy Hump Day!!
    ...and rest assured, because its all down hill from here. In a good way! YES, THE HUMP DAY HOP IS BACK! It was discontinued for many months.
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    And Most of All, have a Happy Hump Day!

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    Tweet Tweet

    TUESDAY 09.24.12
    After thinking it through, it was time for a Twitter change. A new, cleaner account. So I deleted my old one and have a fresh start in Twitter-ville. So I would love to gain back all you wonderful people. So if you would like {which I hope you would}, click on follow button below!

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    I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop {co-host}

    SUNDAY 09.23.12
    Hey guys, you are going to see a few blog hops being posted by me this week. I've been asked to be a co-host to a few of them. So there will be a lot on here. The first one I have been asked to be one of the co-hosts for I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop. Here's all the info below to link up with: ______________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the I Love My Online Friends 'GFC' Hop. Last week we had 156 link ups. This week we are going for 180! For more info on the hop and guest hosting, please read HERE. Well, are you ready? 
    Let's go hopping! RULES FOR THE HOP 
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    Thanks and Happy Hopping!  
    The Things We Find Inside
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    Pickles & Ice Cream

    SATURDAY 09.22.12
    I decided I wanted to make this a blog hop because I think it would be the greatest to share stories about all the crazy food cravings pregnancy brings about with most women. Now it doesn't have to be about cravings either. It can even be a food that you never thought in a million years you would eat and being pregnant, made you try it just cause.
    So I guess I will go first :0) When I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2006, I started getting these massive cravings for oranges. I just wanted oranges galore around 30 weeks and on. I would just sit and eat bags and bags of oranges all day and go to the store about 3-4 times a day buying more bags. I would even make my husband go at night to Walmart {when everything else was closed} just for some oranges if I didn't have enough. I think I ate about two bags of oranges a day until she as born. I was not even a big orange fan either. Crazy! When she was born, she was allergic to oranges and was for many years. Now she doesn't seem to really have an allergy to them anymore.
    With this pregnancy I am going through now, I haven't quite felt the strong cravings as I did the first time pregnant. So to me, I don't consider them cravings because I'm not crazy about having to do whatever it takes to have a certain food. But I have gone through phases here and there where I just want pizza for like a week straight.

    But I did eat something I never thought I would ever in my life try. That's right, I couldn't help it, the pregnancy hunger took over and I took a bite {a small one but still a bite} of......can you guess from the photo below?
    That's right CHICKEN! Never ever in my life would I ever think I would get up the appetite to actually put chicken in my mouth and swallow. But I did last night. The piece was probably the size of my finger nail. I was so shocked I even touched it. You should have seen the look on my husband's face. He just laughed because he knows how I have always been around chicken. Never even wanting to look at it or smell it, let alone attempt to eat it.

    I shocked myself too. He hesitated giving it to me cause he never thought he'd live to see the day. And you know what? It wasn't horribly bad. I don't know if I would ever eat it again, but it wasn't bad. I really did enjoy the spiciness of it. See what pregnancy has started to do to me? Eating that piece of chicken last night was my equivalent of the Pickles with Ice Cream story. We don't go together and never would anytime except now. I just got this hunger over me that pushed a desire to have some chicken. I still can't get over that.
    So now that I spilled the beans on my pregnancy food stories, it's your turn to share. I even created this awesome little button for you to use to link up with. Write up your post, place the button there and then link up just your post below. And don't forget to share! Sharing is caring and I would love to read all the stories because I know there would be some great ones! All stories welcomed no matter how long ago you were pregnant.

    Pregnancy Foods
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